4 Bedtime methods that actually make kids sleepy

4 Bedtime methods that actually make kids sleepy

Check out these 4 expert recommended techniques that are proven to help soothe your child's overactive minds at bedtime!

Since day one of parenting, getting kids to sleep is one of the most dreaded jobs parents are tasked with. Typically, parents are under the impression that once their babies get into a solid sleep routine, the troubles fade away. This, sadly, isn't the truth for many parents.

As your baby ages into the toddler years and onwards, you may find that getting them to sleep may still be a chore. It's not their fault, and it's not their own. It's a problem that can be solved easily with a bit of sleep training and some expert advice!

Katie Hurley, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, adolescent psychotherapist, author, and owner of Practical Parenting suggests there are 4 strategies that work wonders on kids.

Check out this expert's list of bedtime methods that actually make kids sleepy:

1. Guided Imagery

Hurley suggests that soothing your child with relaxing stories that engage the imagination works great on her young daughter. The key is to get kids comfortable and then stimulate their imagination as they doze off into a relaxing slumber.

Hurley usually asks her daughter "to pick a destination (it's usually something magical, like "cloud land"), and I create a 5-minute story about her journey to and from her destination. Before I begin, I ask her to get cozy, place a soft eye pillow over her eyes and cue her to use her relaxation breathing."

Katie concedes that this method can be particularly difficult to implement when you have more than one child, and of different ages. However, if you have the chance to test out the technique on your most "sleep troubled" child. It's worth a shot!

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2. Coloring

Surely you've noticed the influx in popularity of adult coloring. Well, that's because coloring is a proven stress-relieving and calming activity. Therefore, if it works on adults, it'll work on kids!

The key is to figure out when to implement this method. Katie's suggestion is to try after bathtime. In her own words: "When [her kids] get out of the bath or shower and into their pajamas, they spend time coloring or drawing before moving into their rooms. It's a great way to soothe them into the sleep routine."

A quick coloring session at night will help ease your child's overactive and overworked mind. Try it out and see if it helps your kids ease into a peaceful night's rest.


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3. Portable sand tray

Yes. You read that right. A portable sand tray. This may not sound like the most pragmatic, and practical method available, however, Hurley declares it to be wildly effective. "Sand play is both calming and therapeutic. Dragging a rake through the sand and carefully placing smooth shells and rocks in a unique design can help kids slow their breathing and relax their minds," she says.

Before you go filling your child's room with sand, consider the practical option. Hurley says, "You don't need a whole sand tray for sand play to be calming. Fill a rectangular Tupperware container with soft play sand and collect shells, rocks and sea glass to keep in the tray. A plastic fork can be used as a rake to gently smooth the sand and soothe the soul."

If you want your kids to work on the Zen mentality but can't handle the concept of having sand in the house, Katie suggests checking out the soothing app called iZen Garden app as an alternative!


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4. Read out loud

Though many parents will try to have their kids read independently at night, Hurley argues that this is neither the time nor place. Her suggestion is to use bedtime to relax their minds, not work it. If you want your kids to read you should let them read at an appropriate time when they can afford to work their noggins.


Instead, Hurley says to "Read to your kids. Let them snuggle up next to you, close their eyes and listen as you do the work. This is a great way for kids to use their imaginations as they relax, while bonding with their parent or caregiver. Again, a parent's voice is one of the best calming techniques around for little ones. Make the time to read out loud, even as your kids grow."


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