40 Christmas-inspired baby names

40 Christmas-inspired baby names

Is Christmas your favorite time of year, or are you expecting a December baby and haven't picked out a name yet? We have a list of baby names inspired by the yuletide celebration just perfect for your little one!

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Which one of these baby names will you choose for your special Christmas miracle?

Chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, tall pine trees beautifully decorated with shiny baubles and tinsel are put up around town, colorful lights twinkle through the night, cheery snowmen greet you with smiles along the streets, grazing reindeer provide picture-perfect moments, and jolly old Santa Claus will soon be making his debut.

The season of joy is here and for those of you expecting a special present to be dropped off by the stork this month, have a look through our list of Christmas-inspired baby names, perfect for boys and girls.

Baby names for boys

Need some baby names for your Little Drummer Boy? Here are a few for your mini man of the house:


1. Christian: (English) “Follower of Christ”.

2. Yule: (English) “Winter solstice”.

3. Joseph: Mary’s husband.

4. Noel: (French) “Christmas”.

5. Nicholas: (Greek) “Victory of the people”. From Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children, who Santa Claus is based on.

6. Jack: (English) “God is gracious”.

7. Neve: (Latin) “Snow”.

8. Cole: (Greek) “Victory of the people”. Also a play on the word “coal”, used for cozy fires to roast your chestnuts.

9. Gabriel: Christmas angel.

10. Nazareth: The hometown of Jesus.

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Quirky Christmas inspired baby names can be fun and unique!


1. Rudolph/ Rudolf: The most famous reindeer of all.

2. Frost: As in, Frosty the Snowman.

3. Klaus/ Claus: The bringer of presents.

4. Dasher: One of Santa’s dashing reindeer.

5. Donner: Another one of Santa’s reindeer who helps him deliver presents.

6. Giftson: Your son was the most precious gift you received this Christmas.

7. Night: Oh holy night, oh silent night – something you’ll be wishing for when your bub has colic.

8. Avery: Christmas elf.

9. Prophet: This is a pretty “heavy” name for a kid to have. But maybe he’ll grow up to be someone important – or a rapper.

10. Tenzel: A twist on “tinsel”, the shiny Christmas decorations.

Go to the next page for our list of Christmas inspired baby names for girls.

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Will you be having a December baby? Choose one of our Christmas inspired baby names for your bundle of joy!

Baby names for girls

Are you expecting a little girl and are still looking for the right name? Here are some baby names for your sweet Sugar Plum Fairy:


1. Mary: Mother of Jesus Christ.

2. Holly/ Hollie: Beautiful winter berries.

3. Joy: Because your baby will bring you lots of it!

4. Natalia/ Natalie: (Italian) “Born at Christmas”.

5. Faith: A virtuous name for your blessed little one.

6. Noelle/ Noelleen: (French) “Christmas”.

7. Hope: Remember the days when you were still trying to conceive? You never gave up hope, and here she is now.

8. Ruby: A favourite colour used during Christmas, and the original birthstone for the month of December.

9. Grace/ Gracie: Effortless beauty.

10. Tashia: (Russian) “Born at Christmas”.

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What are your favourite things associated with Christmas? With a bit of creativity, you can turn them into unique baby names!


1. Elfina: A feminine take on Santa’s little helpers.

2. Winter/ Wynter: A cold season commonly associated with Christmas.

3. Deer: Gentle and beautiful woodland creatures.

4. Candy: (Hebrew) “Dazzling white”. Sweet, just like your little girl.

5. Angel/ Angela/ Angelina/ Angelica: A guardian from heaven.

6. December: The month which Christmas falls on.

7. Star/ Starla/ Starr: The three wise men followed a star which led them to Jesus.

8. Wren: A small winter bird.

10. Sherry: Give a toast to your lovely little bundle of joy.

Do you have a December baby on the way? What will you be naming your little one? Or do you have any other Christmas-inspired baby names to suggest? Leave your comments below!

Republished with permission from: theAsianparent Singapore

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