5 Awesome benefits of being a single parent

5 Awesome benefits of being a single parent

Being a single parent has its perks...these are just some of them!

Raising a child as a single a parent can be a difficult task. The task of child rearing can seem unnerving without the aid of a co-parent; however, many single moms and dads rise to the occasion and support their children all on their own. In fact, many of them are able to see the benefits of raising a child without a spouse to help shoulder the load.

Here are just some of the reasons that single parents enjoy raising their kids by themselves:

1. What you say goes

Most parents have to deal with distributing authority in the household. For many, it can mean playing good cop bad cop. For others, it can mean that your partner undermines your authority, or doesn’t enforce what you say. When you’re a single parent, what you say goes and there’s no one that can challenge your authority. It helps many single parents to lay down the law, so to say, and keep their children in check.


2. You spend true quality time with your kids

When you’re with your kids as a single parent, you get 100% of their adoration and affection 100% of the time! No more sharing and dispersing the love! When you’re spending quality time with your kids, you get to make the most of it.


awesome benefits of being a single parent


3. Tranquility in the household

A lot of married couples have to live with the fact that from time to time they’re going to have spousal arguments. It’s incredibly common—almost expected. For single parents, you can put that sad reality behind you! No small, nitpicky arguments in the house for independent parents! Just the responsibility of being a parent.


4. You become a great role model

All kids look up to their parents. How could they not? You’re their everything. For single parents, however, the precedent that you’re setting could be greater than you know. Single moms and single dads are displaying strong character and setting an awesome example of independence and self-reliance for their children.

5. You develop a strong sense of self-worth and independence

As stated earlier, being a single parent isn’t easy. At all. That’s why one of the perks of being a single parent is being able to reflect on the hardwork that you put into raising your kids and feel proud. You took life by the horns and did all you could to raise your kid(s) to the best of your ability. That’s something you’ll always be proud of. Good work, single moms and dads. You guys are heroes!


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