5 reasons why couples divorce

5 reasons why couples divorce

'My husband got fired' and 'My spouse is becoming too fat' are just some of the reasons why couples end up filing for divorce.

While divorces were considered rare decades ago, the institution of marriage seems to be eroding on a global scale and Singapore has not been spared from this unfortunate phenomenon. Out of the billions of people on Earth, it is not easy for 2 people to come together and attempt to spend their entire lives together. It requires a great deal of affinity to find your spouse but unfortunately, there are so many possible reasons which could threaten a marriage. Here are 5 common reasons why a couple’s marriage may end in a divorce.

why couples divorce

#1 Infidelity

Adultery is a common reason why marriages fall apart. While lust may be a reason for infidelity, other reasons include unequal sexual appetites, resentment or anger at your partner and also a deteriorating relationship between the married couple.

#2 Money woes

While money may not be the root of your happiness, it can however be a source of your misery. A report by the American Journal of Sociology found that if the husband does not have a job, his unemployment can become a significant factor for the couple filing for divorce. A couple suffering from serious financial woes will usually face a lot of stress and pressure which often translates to heated fights and quarrels. Furthermore, differing views on spending habits and financial management can put a strain on the marriage.

#3 Lack of communication

Communication is key to any successful relationship and this notion applies even after the couple gets married. A lack of communication can lead to a deterioration of the relationship between a couple and cause misunderstandings. The couple may start to drift far apart from one another to the point where they may start to consider a divorce.

#4 Irreconcilable differences

Irreconcilable differences are the excuse many couples often use to file for a divorce. Incompatibility could be a factor, especially if the couple gets married too quickly and by the time they find out that their spouse is not who they think they are, it is too late. Differences in parenting styles can also strain a marriage when a child is added into the family.

#5 Weight gain

In a rather surprising finding, an article on Men’s Health revealed that researchers found that weight gain was the biggest source of annoyance for couples who have been together for 3 years. So if you have been neglecting your body lately, it is time to hit the gym again. It would be better if you work out together with your spouse as it could provide some valuable bonding time.


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Republished with permission from: theAsianParent Singapore


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