6 reasons why being a working mom is not a bad thing

6 reasons why being a working mom is not a bad thing

Did you know that working moms are boons and blessings not just to homes but to businesses too? Find out why they make the best employees and entrepreneurs.

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The “oldie but goodie” eighties sitcom The Golden Girls deduced, “It’s not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it." Two more insights claim that “the mother of boys works son-up to son-down” and that “all mothers are working mothers.” All these cool comments obviously underscore the amazing-ness and distinctiveness of mommies. Similarly, they affirm that hiring moms is a superb idea and that these loving guardians would make employees and entrepreneurs extraordinaire.

I totally agree. Mothers, especially the seasoned ones, would be ideal bosses, business owners and workers given their perseverance, resilience and innate sensitivity. On their own, they already standout and are a special species because they nurture humans, which is certainly a valuable asset or attribute to any company.

My closest friends call me “übermom” because of what I am and what I do. Well, as a “titled” and tested mother, allow me to elaborate why working moms would be a boon to businesses and what makes them great additions to the corporate world.

working mom

Working moms are versatile and adaptable

Depending on the ages, needs and pursuits of their brood, mothers can be cleaners, drivers, dressmakers, cooks, artists, financiers, teachers, storytellers, actors, negotiators, singers, nurses, peacekeepers, dancers, coaches, fear- and nightmare-busters, playmates, cheerleaders, or just plain companions, listeners, and morale boosters.

They are used to overtime and working on weekends

Moms do not really have regular breaks or day-offs unlike maids or yayas. They are on call 24/7. Besides, they can’t really know when their babies will feel under the weather, will have difficulty sleeping, will have a mishap at the playground or when they have to make an urgent visit to the pediatrician, dentist, ophthalmologist or the hospital.

Of course, mommies can’t stop junior sports leagues from scheduling children’s matches on Saturdays and Sundays either, or other parents from holding shindigs and get-togethers on weekends and holidays.

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Moms can do tasks – both the mammoth and the mundane – repeatedly and successfully

From grocery shopping and “marketing,” tidying up the house, washing clothes and dishes, planning and executing daily meals and baons, labeling and wrapping a mountain of textbooks, notebooks and gifts, sewing loose buttons and ripped seams, bringing the kids to and from school, and answering complex questions to hosting unforgettably fun birthday parties and sleepovers and coordinating family vacations, you can trust a mom to do all these with enthusiasm and aplomb.

working mom

Moms know how to empathize

They understand when money is tight and a bit of belt-tightening is required. Moms commiserate with and help their kith and kin plus other parents and families. They acknowledge their children’s confusion and anxiety about attending a big school for the first time and spending more hours away from home and their mother’s comforting presence, as well as other dilemmas such as heavy homework load, bullying, “crushes,” puberty, gadget ownership and usage, having an allowance, saving and spending, etc. They forgo frivolities and minimize shopping trips and sessions at the beauty salon because they know that they have to make sacrifices for their families and prioritize their children’s welfare.

They are pros at handling crises

I’m allergic to painkillers so I endured the excruciating pain after a C-section delivery sans any form of medication. Imagine that. The pain was markedly worse when I started to breastfeed my baby, but hey, a mom’s got to do her job! I also remember aching all over while walking in slow motion at the mall to buy a crib a mere three days after giving birth.

Aside from birth pains and breastfeeding, moms also have to contend with full and stinky diapers galore, irregular sleeping hours, crying jags, immunizations, teething, raging fevers, potty training, allergies, vomiting, picky eaters, illnesses (my daughter and I survived dengue), academic and athletic wins and woes, socialization, and a slew of first time feats such as crawling, walking, talking, reading, etc. Throw in bone-seeping fatigue, excess weight, endless expenses and meddling in-laws to the mix too. Yes, moms are battle-ready, battle-scarred and battle-tested.

Moms already work…for free

Often, all we get in return for those loooong hours and back-breaking efforts are smiles, hugs and kisses. But that’s okay. Today’s greedy and materialistic world could surely do with more paragons of selflessness and kindness.


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