6 Young achievers Pinoy kids can look up to

6 Young achievers Pinoy kids can look up to

These 6 young Pinoy role models have already achieved at such an early stage in their careers, what many aspire to in a lifetime.

Fast-food chain and homegrown mega-brand, Jollibee, recently revealed their ‘yumbassadors’ for 2016. These millennials who have already created a name for themselves in their respective fields, show the nation how pursuing one’s passion, good decision-making, and a solid work ethic are keys to succeeding early on in one’s career.

These young achievers are proof that in a generation heavily affected by instant praise and punishment from online critics, what matters is how many times you stand up when others put you down, and being brave enough to go beyond perceived limits to new heights of dreaming and achieving.

Here are 6 Young Pinoys from this year’s crop of yumbassadors, who are definitely leading inspiring lives:

Jairus Ferrer, 25, Model, Agricultural Entrepreneur

We are What we Do ???? #ErnoTravels #startyoungpinoy #Harvest #Mangoe #PhilippineAgriculture #Agriculture

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Jairus Ferrer struggled with what he would take up in college and ventured out to Bukidnon to give himself a year to think things over. This led him to discover what he was truly passionate about: farming.

He co-founded Pronic Foods, an enterprise which channels the logistics and distribution of niche products like Cenyu Probiotic Chicken. He is also creating an urban market for Bukidnon’s coffee products, and is a member of the Hinelaban Foundation, a foundation that aims to restore the beauty of the rainforests in Mindanao and to create programs for its people through business partnerships.

Mea Gey Niñura, 16, Record-Breaking Runner

When 16-year-old Mea Gey Niñura, a student-athlete from Davao del Sur’s Capatagan National High School, crossed the finish line of the 2016 Palarong Pambansa girls’ 3000-meter run, she won more than just the gold medal.

She exceeded the 36-year record that was held by the fastest woman in the Philippines, Rosalinda Catulong by 5.6 seconds.

Her every defeat is a motivation to make her trainings worthwhile and to make her stronger as she competes to secure more victories. In the long run she wishes to attain a scholarship that will get her into a prominent university.

Kelsey Merritt, 19, International Model

Missing this city already

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In 2015, Kelsey Merritt flew to New York, jumpstarting her career as an international model. Uniqlo, Steve Madden, Shiseido, Missguided, and Vera Wang have all featured the young model, who has appeared on covers and editorials for Nylon and Harper’s Bazaar.

Locally, she has also been featured in numerous covers, editorial spreads and endorsements.

Kelsey tries to maintain a professional approach to modeling and refuses to be influenced so much by the glamor of her chosen field.

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Rachel de Villa, 23, Founder, Cropital

At the Rice Bowl Awards Gala Night! Thank you #ricebowlawards for recognizing the potential in Cropital and our team ????

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As a little girl, Rachel de Villa already envisioned how she would make the world a better place to live in. She took up Computer Science in college and focused on improving the Filipino life in education, agriculture and health services.

Wanting local farmers to be proud, debt-free and empowered to be who they are, she created the now global organization Cropital.

Cropital is supported by many institutions all over the world (in the United States, Netherlands, Malaysia and of course in the Philippines) with the sole purpose of providing local farmers with access to sustainable financing. She has received awards and recognition for her work and was also featured in this year’s Forbes 30 under 30 list of impressive youths in Asia.

Angelo Casimiro, 16, Inventor, Scholar

"The wise man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection." - Thomas Paines

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17-year-old Angelo Casimiro created an innovation that converts foot pressure into energy. Thinking of those with limited access to electricity, he gave new meaning to the term “power walk” by letting a device slipped into one's shoe sole generate enough power to light up LED lamps and charge mobile devices. In 2014, his invention was accepted at Google’s science fair. He is currently a Physics major at De La Salle University.

Juan Miguel Severo, 27, Poet, Spoken Word Artist

Panatag sa pag-iisa. #HabangWalaPaSila

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Juan Miguel Severo loves sharing stories, writing, performing and acting, all of which led to an intense performance titled “Ang Huling Tula na Isusulat ko Para Sayo”. It went viral online, inspiring netizens to share and appreciate the art of our language, fondly calling him "Mr. Makata".

His passion for acting eventually led to a role in the hit teleserye On the Wings of Love.

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