7 Ways to make your wife laugh more often

7 Ways to make your wife laugh more often

Laughter is the best medicine...that applies to marriage too, husbands!

"Laughter is the best medicine" says an old adage. While we've come a long way in the medical field, there's no denying that laughter and good humor is still an invaluable facet in our every day lives. The same goes in marriage. Realistically speaking, if you aren't able to share a good laugh with your spouse, then you're missing out on wonderful bonding experience!

Husbands, your wives may have you in stitches every now and then (or vice versa), but with their busy schedules and pressures of being a good mommy, they might not be laughing or inducing laughter as often as they once did.

Luckily for you, hubbies, we've crafted a list that can help assuage these problems, and is sure to have your wife laughing more often than ever!

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Check out our resourceful list of 7 ways to get your wife laughing more often:


1. Be yourself

The most important rule in being a confident, relatable comedian is the same as any other social interaction rule: be yourself. People, including your wife, usually find things funnier when you're relaxed and comfortable in your own skin. If you're not being yourself, or you're trying to hard to evoke a response, the comic delivery or general fun may seem forced and not very funny. Your wife absolutely adores you for who you are. So just cool down, hubbies, and be yourself.


Knock. Knock. Who's there? Your wife laughing more often! Click next to learn how!


2. Understand her sense of humor

By now you've probably been able to determine what your wife thinks is funny, and what she does not. With that knowledge in your repertoire, use it wisely and to your advantage. One good thing to do is not force the issue. If you find a vulgar or gross video on Facebook that your best friend shared with you, take a second to think, "Will my wife find this funny if I show her?" Understand her sense of humor and try to cater to it before you try to evoke a laugh or giggle in your partner.

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3. Keep it fun and lighthearted

If you've picked up on anything up to this point, it's that you needn't force the humor. Good, funny, enjoyable humor comes naturally. A way to make sure that a good laugh is always within reach is to keep a fun lighthearted state of mind. If you're in a silly, goofy mood, then it makes sense that something funny will come around eventually. Just stay positive and silly and you'll be sure to get more laughs out of your wife.


4. Laugh at yourself

If you can't have a good laugh at yourself, then you shouldn't be able to get a good laugh out of others. The point is that you shouldn't take yourself too seriously. Sometimes you'll be the butt of the joke and that's fine. Just handle it with a good spirit and good sense of humor. If you bump your head, stub your toe, or trip and fall, don't be offended when she laughs at you. Laugh AT you with her!


Knock. Knock. Who's there? Your wife laughing more often! Click next to learn how!


5. Make use of anecdotes and real life stories

Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction, and sometimes real life is funnier than a fabricated story. That's why if something funny happened to you, a friend, or family member and it's worth sharing, you should use it to your advantage! Make sure you implement our lessons up to this point. Make sure the story pertains to her sense of humor, make a crack at yourself when telling the story, and keep a fun-loving state of mind when regaling your wife with your witty anecdote.

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6. Create inside jokes

You know when you're around a group of people and they reference something obscure, and you have literally no idea what the heck they're talking about? That's called an inside joke and it's a create way to strengthen a bond. Find ways to make inside jokes, if you haven't already established any, with your wife. It strengthens your bond and is always a good way to induce some laughter/smiling.


7. Tell a good, old-fashioned joke

Comedy has changed a lot over time. It seems like nowadays, good comedy comes from awkward social interactions. However, that doesn't mean that the more outdated senses of humor are completely irrelevant. In fact, a nice throwback to a "Knock. Knock" joke or a good pun is a resourceful way to put a smile on your wife's face from time to time. In short, try to be multidimensional with your humor. Don't rely too heavily on one style of humor or wifey may get burned out.


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