9 Gift wrapping ideas to try this Christmas

9 Gift wrapping ideas to try this Christmas

Try out these Christmas gift wrapping ideas this year!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! With Christmas just around the corner, there is a mad frenzy of Christmas shopping happening everywhere! There’s so much to look forward to like Christmas promos, Christmas decorations, but the best part of it all are the Christmas gifts! And because it is Christmas, you have every reason to go all out with decorations, starting with these Christmas gift wrapping ideas for you to try this year.

9 Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

1. Make your own personalised gift tags

9 Gift wrapping ideas to try this Christmas

Image credit @thepaperdollstudio

Whether it is calligraphy or unique printouts, make your gift tags stand out. We really love this idea of using a wax stamp to really personalise the gift tags. It is simple, elegant and easy to make.

2. Add nature

One of the easiest Christmas gift wrapping ideas to try out is adding nature. There’s just something about twigs, acorns and even dried flowers that add a lovely touch to a simple wrap job to make your presents look amazing.

3. Personalise your wrapper

christmas gift wrapping ideas

Image credit @denisedion

If you know how to paint, or if you’re creative in any way, why not try and make your own Christmas wrapping paper? You might need to plan ahead and it could be a lot of hassle, but hey, you’ll get ‘A’ for effort.

4. Contrasting strings and ribbons

christmas gift wrapping ideas

Image credit @lottieandlois

See how gorgeous green and red go together? But there’s also candy cane strings, lace, glitter and ribbons with various textures. When trying out different Christmas gift wrapping ideas, layer your ribbons and place them against your wrapping paper to see what kind of effect it creates. There are no set rules when it comes to creativity… but maybe it is best to stick to colours that go well together.

5. Stamp it!

christmas gift wrapping ideas

Image credit @marple_stationery

Thinking of wrapping with brown paper but it’s just too plain? Then stamp it with these super cute stamps! Play with colours to keep it festive, after all, Christmas only happens once a year.

6. Make your own paper bag

christmas gift wrapping ideas

Image credit @papertown_id

Not all presents have to be put into a box and wrapped up with wrapping paper. Smaller gifts actually fit better and can go into personalised paper bags instead. But even if you don’t end up making your own paper bags, you can still do something to customize them and make them yours.

7. Explore reusable options

christmas gift wrapping ideas

Image credit @adasatticvintage

Every year tonnes of wrapping papers are used and later thrown away. So how about exploring some reusable wrapping options like using a Furoshiki or even beeswax wrappers from zero waste shops? Not only will the receiver get to reuse them but you’ll also do your part advocating for mother earth.

8. Turn it into a kid’s project

christmas gift wrapping ideas

Image credit @mw91355

If you have kids at home you can always turn gift wrapping into a kid’s project. It gives the kids something to do when you involve them in gift preparations. This gives them a sense of pride for the presents they are about to give out. Craftwork is great for improving their motor skills and you never know, they just might surprise you with even more unique Christmas gift wrapping ideas!

9. Accessorise

9 Gift wrapping ideas to try this Christmas

Image credit @madeit

However, if you want to keep things simple, modern and minimalist, there are also other ways to add accessories to make your gift pop! You don’t always have to stick to the usual Christmas decorations. Instead, try on some pompoms and wool balls! Even figurines and mini handmade wreaths would make a cute addition.

After seeing these Christmas gift wrapping ideas, we hope that you’ll break from the norm and try something different this year. Bring out the creativity in you this Christmas!

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