A date with......your spouse!

A date with......your spouse!

If the romance in your relationship is fading away, bring it back by regularly dating your spouse.

Go on a romantic date with your spouse

Going on a regular weekly date with your spouse will certainly amp up the romance factor.

Once a couple is married and the children come along, it is quite easy for the romance to slowly fade away. However, it is very important to keep this romance alive and kicking in order to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

A weekly date

One thing you can do is to set aside time every week to go on a date with your spouse. Make sure not to skip it even when it seems easier to just stay at home and catch up on housework. Arrange for a special overnight stay for the kids at their grandparents’ so you won’t feel pressured to come home right away.

Remember that the date should be about being together. Take the opportunity to reconnect with your beloved. Talk about anything other than the kids. Hold hands, touch, and kiss, as all these activities will go a long way in strengthening your bond.

Date ideas

Do whatever works for you – it can be a romantic dinner-and-movie date, a couple massage at your favorite spa, or a road trip hunting for antique furniture. The idea is to have fun doing things together, like you used to do before you started having kids.

Be silly, be foolish, be funny – just let go of the daily humdrum and be yourself. Enjoy your time with your partner. You won’t even realize that you are actually creating memories that the two of you will cherish throughout your life.

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