A sick child attended a Christmas party, the consequence was serious

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Let's keep parties fun and safe for everyone.

A parent took to Facebook after her three-month old baby was hospitalized because of hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD). The highly contagious infection was allegedly brought to their home because a sick child was allowed to attend a Christmas party.

In a post that has already been shared more than a thousand times, Janice Toh wrote: "I wanna raise the importance of responsibilities of being a parent of oneself n to others. My little one was diagnosed with hfmd on Xmas day when he developed high fever of 39 with mouth ulcers n blisters on his limbs. He is just a 3 months old baby. Now he's hospitalised in high dependency unit with risk of brain infection. Numerous tests were run on him including lumbar puncture. My milk monster can't even drink his milk well now."

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She claims that her son's illness was preventable. "My boy sufferings n our anxieties could have well being avoided should tt parents being more responsible. They brought their daughter to attend a Xmas party despite her having a high fever of 38.8. Logically shouldn't they bring their daughter to see a Dr n let her rest at home instead of bringing her to a party full of kids? She has severe hfmd."

Even though her baby did not attend the party, a cousin who did was the one who got infected and unknowingly brought the infection to their home. Thankfully, her baby boy is getting better and has since moved out of the high dependency unit.

A good reminder to keep sick children home

We do not have both sides of the story but this serves as a good reminder to keep sick children home, not only so they can rest and recover, but also to prevent epidemics. What may seem like a harmless decision to allow a child to have fun may have serious implications to other families.

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