Actress Nadine Samonte's baby falls victim to digital kidnapping

Actress Nadine Samonte's baby falls victim to digital kidnapping

The new mom called out a netizen who apparently stole a photo of her 1-month old daughter and passed it off as her newborn son. More details, here.

New mom and actress Nadine Samonte called out a netizen who allegedly stole her baby's photos and passed them off as her own.

Nadine gave birth to her first daughter with husband Richard Chua, Heather Sloane, on August 27, 2016, after being married for three years.


World! Say hello to our baby Heather Sloane ❤️???? good job my love @nadinesamonte

A photo posted by richard chua (@rboy_chua) on

The netizen, who was identified as Gerlie Joy Alegado, apparently grabbed a photo of Nadine's baby and posted it on her own page, claiming that it was her baby boy, whom she gave birth to on October 1.

Naturally, Nadine wasn't about to let this incident go unaddressed.

She took to Instagram to share her experience with her followers."I need to post this, I know everyone loves and like our daughter and na-a-appreciate namin yun ng sobra sobra natutuwa nga kami na madami din nagmamahal sa baby namin, ok lang naman smin na gawin nyo syang profile pic or ipost nyo sya wala naman problema smin un pero I just don't like this post na sinasbi mo anak mo sya its not right," wrote Nadine. "Please stop doing this kasi hindi po sya nakakatuwa. Thank you!"

Nadine shared the original photo, which the netizen lifted, 5 weeks ago.

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It's not just celebrities who usually fall prey to incidents of "cyber kidnapping". In order to protect your kids, make sure you change your passwords frequently. You can also make it a habit not to post too much or set your privacy settings in such a way that only your closest family and friends have access to your posts.


You will always be my baby and my little princess my @heathersloanechua ???????????? happy 1 month old my love????☺️

A photo posted by Nadine Chua ❤️ (@nadinesamonte) on

Watermarking your photos can also help. Sites like Picasa and PicMarkr can help you do so. Just remember to make sure that the watermark is strategically placed.


Best feeling ever❤️❤️❤️ @heathersloanechua

A photo posted by Nadine Chua ❤️ (@nadinesamonte) on

It always pays to be extra careful when sharing your kid's photos and family's milestones online.

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