Adele gets candid about parenting

Adele gets candid about parenting

Is parenting really easy? British singer Adele didn't realize how tough it can really be.

Adele, the gorgeous British singer who broke numerous records with her hit single, threw the F-word at parenting!

Says she very honestly, “Its f**king hard”.

In a recent interview with ID Magazine Adele spoke about her role as a mom, and her honesty has us feeling a lot better about our own struggles with motherhood.

But in the same breath, she admits it’s the greatest thing she ever did. She never realized how tough it could be until she got into it! She had her first baby, now 3-years old, with boyfriend Simon Konecki.

Up until then, her life only revolved around herself but all that changed suddenly once her son Angelo James Konecki came into her life.

Adele’s honest confessions about motherhood not being a breeze has earned her even more fans. She was applauded on all social media platforms for being “hilariously candid”.

Adele is not the first celebrity to admit that motherhood isn’t a piece of cake, but it’s always good to hear about the real side.

In the future, Adele would like to make more records and tour more. “If I can do that, I’ll be really [bleeping] happy.”

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