7 amazing facts about baby’s kicks during pregnancy

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The first kick of the baby in the womb indicates that he or she is already five months old and is reaching a stage of viability soon

One of the most exciting moments for any expecting mom is when the baby kicks for the first time. These tinny flutters reassure you that your baby is growing and you have a new life inside you.

Ideally, a woman experiences the baby’s first movements, which are often called ‘quickening,’ between 16 weeks and 25 weeks into the pregnancy. However, first-time-moms may only experience these movements well into their 25th week. But if this your second pregnancy, you would feel it as early as the 13th week.

In fact, most moms are likely to experience your baby’s kicks while sitting or in a relaxed position.

We spoke to Dr Indu Taneja, senior consultant, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad, to get more insight into the subject. “The first kick of the baby in the womb indicates that he/she is already five months old and is reaching a stage of viability soon,” she explains adding that a baby’s kick indicates much more than growth and development.

Expert Speak: What do baby’s kicks during pregnancy indicate?

Dr  Taneja, lists the following 7 things a baby’s kick during pregnancy indicate.

#1 The first kick indicates development and growth

Dr Taneja explains, “The first kick of the baby in the womb indicates her age, growth and her viability.” She adds that it also indicates that the baby is active. Interestingly, when the baby stretches out his/her limbs during the initial phase of pregnancy, you will be able to feel a flutter in your abdomen.

#2 Kicks also indicate the baby’s response to his environment

You will be able to feel your baby’s movements when you make any physical movement yourself. He/she may move or stretch inside the belly as a response to noise to food that you may consume. This is normal pattern of development for the baby and Dr Taneja adds that it is nothing to worry about.

#3 Increased frequency of kicks while lying on the left side

When the expecting mom rests or lies on the left side of her body, she may experience an increased number of kicks. Dr Taneja explains, “This is because lying on the left side boosts blood supply into the foetus, thereby increasing the baby’s movements.” So while you rest or lie down on the left side and experience a surge in the kicks, don’t be alarmed. The baby is not indicating that it is under any stress, but rather, it is a display of growing energy.

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