Police arrested a man carrying two guns and a Quran at Disneyland Paris

Police arrested a man carrying two guns and a Quran at Disneyland Paris

Practice caution whenever you take your family outside: public places continue to be a target for terrorists who want to spread fear and hatred around

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris late last year, which slaughtered more than a hundred people, the City of Lights remains in high alert and in a state of emergency.

Because it is one of the most visited places on Earth, with more than fifteen million tourists yearly, it also makes for the perfect place for terrorists to spread their propaganda.

In Paris Disneyland, the police had recently arrested a man carrying two guns and a Quran, the central religious text of Islam.

The man was trying to book a hotel room when the x-ray scanners spotted two concealed firearms in his bag. Also inside the bag were boxes of bullets.

Paris Disneyland has not given any statements about the incident, but employees of the theme park say that operations will continue.

It is harder for us parents to keep our children safe when we’re outside; there are simply too many variables we need to consider. But that is an extra mile we have to go. After all we can’t always keep our children indoors.

Braving the great outdoors

If you want to brave the great outdoors, here are some useful tips that you may want to consider:

  • Teach your child what to do in case of an emergency. Go through the many scenarios when things don’t go according to plan and what they will have to do: for example, look for a police officer, ask help from a mom with children, establish a meeting place that you and your child could meet.
  • Keep a recent photo of your child on you. This makes it easier for strangers to identify your child should he or she be lost.
  • Dress your children in bright colors. This will make them easier to spot, especially in high-traffic areas where there are many people.
  • Equip your child with a GPS tracking device or a mobile phone. This is relatively pricey, but it is efficient and offers a good deal of peace of mind.

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