What happens when your baby has a birth defect?

What happens when your baby has a birth defect?

The tests have come in, and the doctors have spoken. What now happens when your baby has a birth defect? Here are some things to consider.

Know everything about babies with birth defects, what can should you do and can do.

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The tests have come in, and the doctors have spoken, you now know that your precious baby has a birth defect. What now happens when your baby has a birth defect? Here are some things to consider.

Do not Panic

Though you may be feeling overwhelmed with emotions right now, this is not the time to panic. Though it may be a little bit of a set back, there are still ways to be able to handle this. you will just need to take some extra steps and work with your doctor.


babies with birth defects

It will be hard, but not insurmountable.

What are Birth Defects?

Simply put, birth defects or congenital anomalies, are problems that present itself upon birth. There are several types of birth defects, ranging from simple to complicated. It is in the diagnosis of the doctor of what kind it is where finding a solution can begin.

There are some that are physical or structural, such as cleft palate or spina bifida, which may require an operation or other methods to handle. There are those that are considered functional or developmental, such as Down Syndrome, or a metabolic disorder, or even deafness. Again these are still possible to handle with the right tools and the help of the doctor.

But there are some that are just inherited genetically that even if you were careful during the pregnancy, there may have been something that was not screened and will only present itself upon birth. And there are those that may have been caused by environment. There are many cases sadly where the causes are unknown.


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What do we do now if our babies with have birth defects?

babies with birth defects

What to do if your baby has a birth defects? | Image from Baby photo created by jcomp – www.freepik.com

Now that you know the worst part of it, it is time to take some steps.

Acknowledge your feelings and emotions – Take into stock what you are feeling about the situation: anger, sadness, all of it. Try to accept and take in these feelings, and own them. If you feel overwhelmed by these feelings, consult with your doctor and ask for recommendations to see a counselor or a professional to help you deal with these feelings.

Try and read up and educate yourself – Whatever the defect may be, it would be a good step to learn about it fully so you can understand that are the best adjustments to be made in your family and especially for your child. Do not be afraid to ask doctors and experts about tips on how to handle the birth defect. You will be able to learn a lot from them, that will help you care for your child.

Seek out a support system – This may be your family, your friends or even other groups of parents going through the same thing. This process is not easy and any helping hand you have on your side will help make the burden a little easier to bear.

Your child is still worth celebrating – Remember that you are not the only one going through this. Your child is the one that is primarily going through this adjustment, and try to remember to always celebrate them because they are worth it!


babies with birth defects

Your baby is perfect in their imperfections.

Just because your baby has a birth defect, it is not the end

Having a child with a birth defect will surely have its trials, but it is not an end all be all to life. In trying to understand the birth defect itself, or if you are pregnant, finding out prior to actually giving birth, will help you approach the situation productively. There is help to be had around you, and you are definitely not alone. Just keep yourself informed, and do not forget that your child is going through this with you, you are with him/her so cheer up you can do this.




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