Baby dies after riding an airplane

Baby dies after riding an airplane

Moms and dads, are you aware of some key rules to remember during air travel with little ones?

Flying with a baby is tough in many ways. But if your little one is sick before a flight — or worse still, falls ill on a flight — then parents are presented with a whole new set of challenges.  What should you do if a baby falls ill while flying? For a mum and dad recently, they could only watch in horror and helplessness as their little one passed away during air travel.

Baby tragically passes away after flight to Qatar

On Wednesday, September 26, Qatar Airways announced that an 11-month-old baby had tragically passed away after a flight travelling from Doha to the Hyderabad, an Indian city.

“We are aware of the very sad news that a young child passed away at Hyderabad International Airport this morning. Our heartfelt sympathy and thoughts are with the affected family,”  stated the airline.

According to a representative of Qatar Airways, the 11-month-old boy was accompanied by his parents in the plane during the wee hours of Wednesday.

Once the plane arrived in Hyderabad, the parents noticed that their baby had difficulty breathing while they were walking to the immigration area, commented the representative.

The 11-month-old was rushed to Hyderabad’s Apollo hospital.

Sangeetha C R, the spokeswoman for Hyderabad airport, challenged the claim that the 11-month-old passed away in the airport. “We’re waiting for investigations to conclude and for official reports from both Qatar Airways and Apollo hospitals on the baby’s death,” she said.

We’re not sure of what exactly happened as there are no further details available yet. But the tragic incident does remind us to remind you of these health and safety rules for flying with a baby.

Baby dies after riding an airplane

Are you aware of some key health and safety facts to keep in mind when travelling with a baby?

Top health rules for flying with a baby

1. Sanitise

Wash hands frequently while travelling — on the flight as well as in airports. Bring hand sanitiser or wipes if you have no access to water and soap.

2. Get prior paediatric advise

If your baby has chronic heart or lung issues, or has upper or lower respiratory conditions or illnesses, consult with your paediatrican before flying.

3. Watch out for ear infections

Consult your pediatrician if flying within two weeks of an ear infection or ear surgery in your child.

4. Position your baby properly

Continue holding your baby for a few minutes after you’ve fed him while flying, ensuring that he burps. If your baby begins to doze off, position him lying on his back, and not on the stomach or lying sidewards. Sleeping sidewards – on the stomach – produces additional pressure on the heart and lungs. This excess pressure can squeeze the abdomen, pressing it against the lungs, leading to breathing difficulties.

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