LOOK: Baby Zia meets the Kramer kids for the first time!

And baby Zia's BFF Scarlet Snow Belo was there, too!

At a recent screening of the much anticipated Disney/Pixar film Incredibles 2, baby Zia finally met the Kramer Kids. Of course, baby Zia’s favorite playmate ate Scarlet Snow couldn’t miss all the fun!

Scarlet Snow and Baby Zia Meets Kramer Kids

Hands-on dads Doug Kramer and Dingdong Dantes shared photos from the event.

“Today’s Incredible Dabarkads!! It was great meeting you, Team Kramer! Playdate tayo soon with ate Scarlet Snow Belo,” wrote Dantes in an Instagram caption.

baby zia meets kramer kids

Their meeting will surely be the first of many playdates! | image courtesy: Dingdong Dantes Instagram account

In the comments, we found out that they’re planning another adorable meet-up. We can’t wait!

baby zia meets kramer kids

What an incredible bunch! | image courtesy: Doug Kramer Instagram account

The event was also attended by Bryn Imagire, Shading Art Director from Pixar Animation Studios who is now in the Philippines to share her experiences creating Pixar films, including Incredibles 2.

“She made us her own interpretation of a Dantes Incredibles family portrait! What an honor and privilege! Thank you again,” wrote Dantes in another post.

baby zia meets kramer kids

“Possible Halloween 2018 getup?” hinted Dantes in a post. We can’t wait! | image courtesy: Dingdong Dantes Instagram account

Imagire also created an ‘Incredible’ family portrait for the Kramers!

baby zia meets kramer kids

The Kramers with Imagire at the Incredibles 2 screening | Image courtesy: Chesca Kramer Instagram account

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