Babysitter caught punching small child: How do you choose a good nanny?

Babysitter caught punching small child: How do you choose a good nanny?

The video of a babysitter punching a child has been making the rounds online. It is still unclear if the child suffered any serious injuries as a result.

It's quite alarming to hear news about nannies abusing the children they should be taking care of. In this case, a babysitter punching a small child in her care has been caught on camera.

The video has now gone viral and has parents online worried for their own children.

Babysitter Punching a Child Caught on CCTV

The clip came from the CCTV footage of a building in Zhengzhou City, in central China.

At the start of the video, you can see the babysitter carrying the child in an elevator. She is also seen waving goodbye to the child's mom. All seems well up until the doors of the lift close, and that's when you see the babysitter's true colors.

The nanny first threatens the little child, who starts to cry. Because of this, the evil babysitter punches the child's tummy and back at least six times!

She eventually places the child in a stroller, but the abuse doesn't stop there. She is seen smacking the baby's head as the child keeps on crying.

The babysitter then repeatedly shakes the stroller right before the elevator doors open and she takes the child out.

Watch the horrifying video below:

A Security Guard Alerted the Mom to the Babysitter's Abuse

The incident was seen by the building's security guard who quickly alerted the child's mom. The mother immediately called the police, who arrested the babysitter on abuse charges.

Officers are now questioning the agency that recommended the babysitter. Allegedly, the nanny has a "good reputation" as a babysitter.

There are currently no reports on whether or not the child suffered any serious injuries from the nanny's abuse.

Top Tips for Finding a Good Nanny

The reality is that not all parents are able to constantly care for their kids. That's why a lot of moms and dads hire nannies who can take care of their kids in their absence.

However, there's also a risk when hiring someone else to care for your child. When you hire a nanny, you're essentially hiring someone you don't know much about to take care of your little one. And that's a scary thought!

Just look at the case of the babysitter punching a child. She was known to have a good reputation, but in the end, she turned out to be a bad nanny.

With these tips, you should be able to find the best nanny to care for your little one:

  • Do a background check. Background checks are important, and can help you ensure that your nanny isn't hiding any past crimes or misdeeds.
  • Have a CCTV system at home. CCTV systems are a good way of keeping an eye on your child and the nanny even if you're not around.
  • Look for a good and reputable agency. Don't be afraid to ask around. If your friend has a great nanny, you can ask them for recommendations of a good agency or good nannies.
  • Trust your "motherly instinct." If you don't feel good about someone, even if they seem to be okay, trust your gut and hire someone else. It's not really worth risking your child's safety especially if you don't feel at ease with a person taking care of your little one.



Photo screencapped from: YouTube

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