How to make banana purée for your baby

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This easy-to-prepare vegetarian recipe is a good source of potassium and calcium.

How to make banana puree?

Your basic struggle to make a banana puree is just about to get solved. How to make banana puree will no more be a mystery to you. Read a simple step-by-step recipe below.

how to make banana puree

This banana puree recipe is oh-so-easy to do!

What you need:

  • 1 small ripe banana
  • 1-2 tsps of baby rice
  • 2 tbsps of baby's usual milk (breastmilk or formula milk)

What you do:

1. Mash the banana well until smooth.

2. Mix the rice with baby's usual milk, then add the mixture to the mashed banana.

3. Adjust the texture with baby's usual milk or rice to make a runnier or firmer purée.

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