What its like to be a mom when your kids get older

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Let's face it, it's not always fun to take care of little kids, cause you know, tantrums and all that. For older kids, it's a completely different story.

1. You don't need to clean as much

As your kids grow older, you'll find that it gets easier to clean up after them compared to when they were little kids. Though, you still have to remind them to stay clean, most especially for teenagers, cause their rooms can get pretty messy.

2. You start to worry less about safety around the house

No more making sure that all the plugs are covered and no need to put bumpers on the sharp edges of furniture. Older kids might still have a habit of getting themselves hurt, but they can usually just shrug it off.

3. The only outfits you need to worry about are yours

The great thing about older kids is that you no longer have to worry about what to prepare for their outfits whenever they go out. The only outfit that you need to worry about would be your own outfit. Though, you'll still most likely cringe at the crazy fashion styles that teenagers have nowadays.

4. They can play without your supervision

This basically means that you'll no longer have to play peek-a-boo day in and day out with your kid. The great thing about older kids is that you'll have more "me" time (which usually means a nap).

5. No more car seats

Let's face it, car seats are necessary, but they're such a hassle to get set up. The only thing that you need to worry about with older kids if they're buckled up properly in the car.

6. They can start doing more chores around the house

Finally, you will have some actual helpers around the house. You can let them handle the dishes, as well as clean their own rooms themselves. And boy, they will need to clean their rooms a LOT.

7. Your movie choices will expand

Another great thing about having older kids is that you no longer have to stick to the kid movies whenever you go to the cinema. You can start watching more mature films, and it's a great experience to have a family movie night without always having to watch a Pixar movie (though, Pixar movies are always amazing).

8. They'll want to be more independent

Older kids would want to explore the limits of their independence more and more. While you might feel that they're pulling away from you, you need to understand that it's important for them to know their limits and to sometimes step outside of their comfort zones.

9. No more tantrums

Yep. You heard it, no more tantrums. Do we even have to explain how wonderful that is?

10. You can talk to them about more things

Finally, one of the greatest things about having older kids is that you will have more things that you can talk about. You'll no longer limit your conversations to what they want for dinner, or why ice cream isn't a food group. You can start talking about more adult stuff and who knows, you might find that you have a lot of interests in common with your kid.

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