Is your son ready to get circumcised? Here are some useful "tuli" tips!

Is your son ready to get circumcised? Here are some useful "tuli" tips!

From knowing if your little "binata" is ready, to the different packages available, we got you covered!

Ah, summer. Here in the Philippines, the summer is a time for the age old tradition of tuli, or circumcision.

Every year, preteen boys go to doctors, or sometimes local elders to get circumcised. It's a rite of passage, and for a lot of boys, it starts their transition into being young men.

How do we know when our son is ready?

While there are a lot of superstitions and beliefs surrounding circumcision, the best way to know if you're child is ready to get circumcised is if they're willing and able, and if their foreskin can be pulled down. For younger kids, pulling down the foreskin causes some pain, so that means that they might not yet be ready to get circumcised. The best way to know would be to consult a doctor first.

And while some parents opt to instead circumcise newborn children, there might be some risks involved since the baby is still very young, and in some cases the foreskin grows back. It's best to wait until your son is ready and they should be the ones to decide when they want to get circumcised.

How much does it cost?

There are a lot of options when it comes to getting circumcised in the Philippines. First off are the free "tuli" clinics that the government and some hospitals provide as a service to the community. These are quick circumcisions that are done to accommodate a lot of kids. The upside is that it's free, but sometimes you have to line up for a long time, and you'll still have to go to the doctor for follow-ups to make sure everything is going well.

One of the more modern methods of circumcision is through laser circumcision, wherein a laser is used to cut the foreskin. It's a bit more expensive compared to regular circumcision practices, but it provides a cleaner cut compared to other methods. Another is through cauterization, where heat is used to burn off the foreskin. Lastly is the more traditional surgery wherein scalpels are used to cut away the foreskin and then stitch it back.

Whichever method you go with, the important thing would be to look for a reputable clinic, and go back for follow-up checkups in case of infection, or if you think there might be any complications.

Which clinics offer these services?

For laser procedures:

SAA Medical Clinic
757 C Raymundo Ave, Maybunga, 1607 Pasig, Philippines
02.641.3912 / 02.576.3354 / 02.506.6381 / 0917.528.9335 / 0918.963.2728 / 0932.844.8994
Email: [email protected]
Price: PHP 2,500.00 only (laser procedure only)

Med-Asia Aesthetic Center
CVS Homes 1, Felix Ave., Cainta, Rizal
Tel. (02) 240-6066, 0919-9962419
Price: Php 1,000.00 (Summer Promo, originally at Php 3,500.00) for Laser procedure only; Php 2,250.00 for Laser procedure with medications.  This is for Dorsal cut only.  German cut has a different price.

Californian Bloom Medical Spa
Room 295 MTVN Building E.Rodriguez Ave. QC
(02)4108424/ 09274612089
Price: Php 3,500 - Php 4,000 (laser procedure only)

Medico Global - Medical and Skincare Clinic
58 Bayani Road, Western Bicutan, Taguig, Metro Manila
Contact numbers: 7107064 and 09288937264
email [email protected]

Price: Php 1,500 (for Dorsal/basic cut) and Php 5,000 (for German cut)

For surgery/cautery:

TopHealth Medical Clinics
2F SM San Lazaro, AH Lacson cor. Felix Huertas St., Sta. Cruz, Manila
(02)3534461 to 62
Price: Php 2,750.00 (Promo price for procedure only both surgical or cautery procedure)

Healthway Medical
Shangri-La Plaza Wellness Zone
(02) 720-6112 / (02) 7514929
Price: Php 3,500.00 plus Php 600 consultation fee
The Medical City - Main Hospital
Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City
Tel. No.: (+632) 988-1000; (+632) 988-7000
Email: [email protected]
Price: Php 4,000 plus Doctor's Professional Fee
The Medical City Clinics
View list of clinics and contact numbers HERE.
Price: Php 3,500 (surgery with doctor's professional fee)

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital
P. Sanchez St, Santa Mesa, Manila, Metro Manila
Contact No.: 02-716-8001 to 20
Price: Php 5,000 (surgery with doctor's professional fee)

Cardinal Santos Medical Center
10 Wilson Street, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila
Contact No.: 727-0001/726-1818
Price: Php 8,000 (surgery only)

St. Luke's Medical Center
E. Rodriguez Ave., Kalusugan, New Manila, Quezon City
Contact No.: (02)723-0101
Price: Php 5,000 (exclusive of doctor's professional fee)



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