8 Beauty habits the most flawless Korean stars swear by!

8 Beauty habits the most flawless Korean stars swear by!

Snag the dewy and radiant skin of your favorite Korean beauties by copping their best kept beauty secrets. Find out how, below!

Song Hye Kyo

Skin care: Whip up a homemade carrot flour mask, or honey mask for skin brightening. The 35-year-old star of Descendants of the Sun also loves mixing egg whites and honey to make a DIY mask that brightens up her face and leaves her skin smooth and blemish free!

You can find the full recipes of her DIY masks, here.

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Makeup: Go for a BB or CC cushion (like the one carried by SM Beauty's Etude House), or a light foundation. For the lips, swipe on some light pink or coral shades. Dab on blush onto the apples of your cheeks to keep you looking fresh and youthful, just like Song Hye Kyo, who doesn't seem to age!

This Any Cushion Cream Filter can bring out every Princess' charm and stunning aura! #EtudeHousePH

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Lee Sung Kyung

Skincare: In an interview with Her World Plus, the Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo star reveals she religiously sticks to an 8-step skincare routine, which includes cleansing oil, lotion, essence, emulsion, etc. She also does not go anywhere before she's dabbed on sunscreen! Don't forget to always apply all products in a gentle, upwards motion!


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Makeup: She goes for "brown eye liners or coral lips," and prefers to steer clear of dark "cat eyes." But her most important beauty habit is going for a lightweight, liquid foundation that coats her face flawlessly. To finish, she pats her face with two-ply tissue to allow some of her natural complexion to shine through, making her even more radiant. Simple but gorgeous!

Kim Go-Eun

Skincare: Aside from keeping hydrated, the pretty star of the hit drama Goblin always keeps a moisturizing spray handy. Before bed, she shares with KPOP Fighting, she puts on a mask and then dabs drops of essence oil on her face.


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Makeup: To get her natural dewy 'no makeup' look, you only need a light face powder and blush hued lipsticksays Koreaboo.com.. Try Maybelline's clear smooth face powder, or their line of warm, nude lipsticks!

Skincare: She may be well into her 30s, but she doesn't seem to have aged since she first won our hearts in the 2001 film My Sassy Girl. Her secret? Lots of water and washing her face meticulously! According to Preview, she first washes with warm water before steaming her face. Then, she lathers up cleansing foam with cold water to close her pores. Using gentle strokes is key, as well as keeping your regimen quick and easy!

Makeup: The fresh-faced star seems to be a fan of bold lip colors like bright orange and pink. You can get this fun, flirty look by going for lipsticks as well as lip stains, which are often longer lasting! But if you're looking to steal her entire look from her recent hit drama Legend of the Blue Sea, this detailed tutorial might help!

Look amazing and effortlessly sexy with stained lips! #TONYMOLYPH

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The products used in this article are examples and are not the actual products these artists endorse. All of the awesome beauty finds mentioned are available at all SM Store Beauty sections nationwide.

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