16 fun Easter games that you and your kids will absolutely enjoy

16 fun Easter games that you and your kids will absolutely enjoy

Easter is just around the corner and kids have been staying indoors for half the week now. They are itching for some fun and games. Here are 16 Easter games you can play with your kids this coming Easter.

Easter games that you and your kids will enjoy

1. Easter Egg Hunt

This classic Easter game is still the most popular for kids. Hide painted eggs around the garden for the kids to look for. You can also go for a treasure hunt with hollow plastic eggs containing clues for the next one leading to a treasure.

2. Easter Egg Race

Just like the classic relay game, divide the kids into teams. Give each team a spoon and a basket of plastic or hard boiled eggs. The kids would have to scoop the eggs with the spoons in their mouths and transfer them to as basket on the other side of the garden. Alternatively, the kids could just go around and pass the egg to the next team member. The first one to have all team members go around would be the winning team.

3. Limbo

Using an old broom or a long stick, make a limbo bar. With music playing, each player would have to go under the bar. Start with the stick high, gradually lowering it after each round. If a player touches the bar or falls down, that player is out of the game. The last player gets a stuffed Easter bunny.

4. Easter Pinata

You can buy a pre-made pinata or  you can make one on your own. Fill it with Easter candies, chocolates or toys. Have the players fall in line where they all take turn trying to hit the pinata while they are blindfolded. For added difficulty, have the players spin around a couple of times with the blindfold on before they take a swing. When the pinata breaks, everyone can go scoop up candies and prizes.

5. Jellybean hunt

In place of Easter eggs, jellybeans can also be hidden around the house for kids to find. Be warned that there is a possibility not all jellybeans will be found and you might find some the next few weeks.

6, Decorate eggs

Have some fun decorating Easter eggs with the use of Easter dyes and a basket of eggs. The children can decorate their own eggs with paint, markers, glue and stickers.

7. Carrot scavenger hunt

Cut out orange papers in the shape of carrots with green papers glued on top of it for leaves. You can also cut-out pictures of carrots. Hide these all around the house - under the sofa cushions, in the silverware cabinets, or taped under chairs. Send out the kids to look for them with a treat awaiting for each one they find.

8. Easter bunny bowling

Use empty water or soda bottles as bowling pins and decorate them with Easter bunny pictures. Line them up at the end of a hallway as you would for bowling pins and start bowling. The one with the highest score wins a special treat.

9. Bunny hop

Divide the players into teams and add a little twist to the classic sack race. Instead of just racing to the finish line, have them transfer eggs from a basket on the starting line to an empty basket on the other end and back to the starting line to pass the pillow case to the next player. Whoever transfers all the eggs first or transfers the most eggs in a limited time wins.

10. Easter egg push

Divide the players into teams and set a starting line and a finish line. The players would have to push eggs one at a time using spoons held in their mouths. The team that transfers all the eggs first or transfers the most eggs in a limited time wins.

11. Carrot in the hoop

Set a hula-hoop on one end of a room or hallway and have the players take turns throwing carrots from a distance. The player who can get the most number of carrots through the hoop wins an Easter treat.

12. Bunny Nose Race

Split the players into groups and give each group a bowl of cotton balls on the starting line. Place an empty bowl on the other end of the hallway. Put a small amount of vaseline on the nose of players and have them move cotton balls from one bowl using only their noses.

13. Easter egg memory game

Hide multiple pairs of the same design of Easter eggs under plastic cups on the table. Play a memory game and find the same pairs of eggs.

14. Guess the number of jelly beans

Fill a jar with jelly beans and have each player guess how many jelly beans there are. Whoever gets closest to the correct number of jelly beans inside the jar gets to keep all the the candies.

15. Easter egg bingo

Print out or buy bingo cards and play bingo. Instead of using chips, use Hershey's kisses or candies. The winner gets a special Easter treat.

16. Pin the tail on the bunny

Print out a picture of a bunny and hang it on the wall. Have the players blindfolded and challenge them to pin a round paper closest to the tail of the bunny. Don't forget to have them spin around three times before attempting to pin the tail.


Putting a special twist to the classic games can make Easter much more fun for everyone. Just remember to keep everyone safe as they have fun this coming Easter.


Source: Reader's Digest

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