Beauty queen bows down to honor mother who raised her by collecting garbage

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This crowned queen's humility and love for her mother is awe inspiring.

In a powerful photo that has been touching many hearts online, a beauty queen bows down in reverence in front of her mother, donning her crown and sash.

17-year-old Khanittha “Mint” Phasaeng returned to her hometown in Amin, Thailand after winning the title of Miss Uncensored Thailand 2015.

The gesture was a touching sign of gratitude for her devoted single mother who raised her by collecting garbage to make a living.

She grew up helping her mother collect trash in order to provide for their daily needs.

She won 300,000 Thai Baht and because of the viral photo, she has been offered modeling and acting gigs due to her rising popularity.

Her gesture sent a powerful message for kids out there to truly appreciate the sacrifices their parents make in order for them to achieve their dreams.

beauty queen bows down in front of mom

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