The benefits of Honey and Cinnamon: your anti-acne secret weapon

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Honey and cinnamon can treat various skin conditions. Here's how you can tap these two natural remedies to say goodbye to acne forever

Acne is a natural consequence of having oil and dead skin cells clogging up your skin’s surface. Breakouts don’t just happen on your face; acne can affect your chest and back–pretty much anywhere on your body.

These lumps and bumps, although temporary, can greatly affect self-esteem. They don’t disappear quickly, either. And, even when some acne spots heal, new pimples pop up, continuing the cycle of irritation–some of the deeper ones can cause scarring if left untreated.

But before scheduling an appointment with your dermatologist, you can first try some tried and tested home remedies–for instance, honey and cinnamon.

What are the benefits of honey and cinnamon?

photo: pixabay

photo: pixabay

Raw honey has medicinal benefits; it also helps treat skin conditions such as ulcers and burns. Like cinnamon, honey also has anti-microbial properties.

The application of honey helps reduce inflammation and create an environment conducive to healing.

Unprocessed honey, such as Manuka honey, has been found to be most effective for medicinal use.

Cinnamon, on the other hand, has been used to treat digestive, respiratory, and gynecological conditions. According to a recent survey of medical literature, cinnamon can also cause  provide certain anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory benefits in animals.

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Many people swear by the awesome combination of these two age-old remedies. There are a lot of recipes for masks and other easy facial treatments using both honey and cinnamon.

A great example of this is a recipe for a simple honey and cinnamon mask  by popular beauty blogger and vlogger Michelle Phan.

For this recipe, which can be found on her website, you will need about three tablespoons of raw (manuka) honey and a tablespoon of true cinnamon.

You only need to mix these two ingredients and microwave for half a minute. Let it cool before slathering it on your face. After about ten minutes, rinse it off thoroughly and, using a clean towel, pat your face dry.

photo: pixabay

photo: pixabay

It is important, however, to still be aware of the risks a honey and cinnamon mask poses.

Naturally, if you’re allergic to either honey or cinnamon, you should not attempt to use this mask for your acne problem. The potential side effects are redness, irritation, swellling, difficulty in swallowing, or difficulty in breathing.

Also, if you’re allergic to pollen, celery, or other bee-related products, honey can also cause adverse skin reactions.

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