Bonding with a Newborn: Useful Tips for New Moms

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Bonding with a newborn is a process that takes time and results from everyday care-giving. For new mothers who want to foster a bond with their newborn, this article features some doable tips that guarantee a solid mom-and-baby connection

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Bonding with a newborn isn’t an overnight task; it is an investment in quality time and effort to ensure that mom and baby share an unbreakable level of love and trust in each other

I looked in awe at my baby the moment she came out of my womb and into this world. It was a wondrous moment! The terrible pain that I experienced from labor was incomparable to the overflowing joy I felt when I saw my baby. Tears welled up in my eyes as she was placed on my tummy. I felt the strong urge to nurture and care for my baby. I was so happy!

However, I knew that the immediate bond I felt with my child still needed nurturing to make it stronger. So, moms, how do we form and strengthen the bond with our newborn?

During pregnancy

Bonding with a newborn can actually start while the baby is still in the mother’s tummy. At four months in utero, your baby can already hear and recognize your voice. So, talk to your baby while he is still in your tummy. If you think you won’t have anything to say, you can read and sing to him, too!

After birth

Mother and child bonding starts in the womb, but it can continue right after the baby is born in the hospital. Arrange with your doctor to have your baby placed on your abdomen and chest before routine procedures are done. If you are not too exhausted, try to breastfeed your baby right after birth. Make sure to arrange beforehand to have your baby roomed in with you.

At home

When you get home from the hospital, bond with your baby through the following activities:

  • Have constant physical contact with your baby. Physical contact is the best way for bonding with a newborn. He will find it comforting to be lovingly held and carried. Breastfeeding also provides a form of physical contact that strengthens your bond. Massaging your newborn at least once a day, while beneficial to his health, also promotes closeness between the two of you.
  • Look into your baby’s eyes. Communicate with your baby through eye contact. Keep him close when you talk to him and look into those beautiful eyes. Watch him light up as he gazes back at you.
  • Talk to your baby. Babies love to listen to voices. So speak constantly to your baby. Talk to him when giving him a bath, changing his diapers, and feeding him. You can even read stories or sing songs to him. Not only does talking constantly provide a great activity for bonding with a newborn, it also gives his language skills an early boost.

Bonding is all about being present when you are together. Even the littlest things can foster a loving relationship between you and your newborn. So, hold your baby, look into his eyes, and talk to him to form and strengthen your bond with each other.

What are your tips for bonding with a newborn? Please share in our Comments box below!

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