8-year-old boy run over by SUV: Safety tips for parents living on busy roads

8-year-old boy run over by SUV: Safety tips for parents living on busy roads

The boy, who was playing on the street with friends, ran across without noticing the SUV that was coming straight at him

Samson Agura III, aged 8, was just playing with his friends along a busy road when he risked serious injury or death. In CCTV footage that has surfaced online, we see the boy almost run over by an oncoming SUV after he tripped chasing after his friend.

The incident happened along Dela Fuente Street in Sampaloc, Manila. In the clip, we see the vehicle speed over the boy, who was face down.

8-Year-Old Boy Almost Run Over Shows Parents Need to Teach Kids About Safety When Playing Outdoors

Luckily, the boy survived unscathed! The footage shows the boy almost run over and quickly get up after the SUV drives past.

“Parang may dumagan sa ‘kin tapos ‘di ako makatayo. Natakot ako (It’s like something was crushing me and I couldn’t stand. I was scared),” the boy told ABS-CBN news.

The boy’s mom, Amalia Guevarra, expressed her gratitude that no harm came to her son. She had left him in the care of her mother-in-law while she stepped out to buy school supplies.

You can watch the CCTV footage below.

Samson is one of the lucky ones. Each year, there are numerous cases of children dying after being run over or suffering vehicle-related injuries. Just early in May 2018, a 2-year-old was killed after being run over twice by an armored vehicle in Davao City.

Safety Tips for Kids When Playing Outdoors in Metro Manila

In a crowded city like Manila, where children often play in busy on busy roads, it’s important to equip them with knowledge to keep them safe!

1. Stop and look before you cross

Never ever cross without looking, even if the road seems empty. A speeding car can be hard to spot, especially if they’re distracted.

2. Watch out for blind corners

Teach kids to listen closely for oncoming vehicles, especially on blind corners, or corners with sharp turns. If they hear a horn or speeding car, stop and look.

3. Don’t talk to strangers under any circumstance

Emphasize “stranger danger”! Even if someone says they know mom and dad, teach kids to be wary of anyone, even of seemingly nice strangers.

4. Even tricycles and motorcycles can be dangerous

Don’t rush to cross when there are oncoming tricycles or motorcycles. Because they can go from zero to speeding in a flash. Teach kids to wait for them to pass before they cross.

5. Don’t run!

Most of all, don’t run on busy roads. Because fatal injuries can happen in a splitsecond, and when we least expect it!

6. Wear bright clothing

As an added safety measure, wear brightly-colored clothing to make sure they’re easily spotted by oncoming drivers.

7. Stay on sidewalks

Yes in Manila, many streets don’t have sidewalks, but this safety tip still applies! Make sure kids stay on the side of the street. If they can avoid playing on the street altogether, it would be much safer.

8. Take them to a safe play area

You can bring kids to play spaces in the mall or public parks to make sure they are safe. Playtime at home can also be fun. Plus, it provides bonding opportunities for the whole family!


source: ABS-CBN News

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