12-year-old in Basilan plays with grenade, in critical condition

12-year-old in Basilan plays with grenade, in critical condition

Reports say the boy found the undetonated grenade on a beach at night.

A 12-year-old boy in Tipo-tipo, Basilan, suffered serious injuries after the M203 grenade shell he was playing with exploded.

A report by the Inquirer says the boy found the grenade on a beach in Barangay Banah. The boy then started playing with it and tossing the grenade around.

“He toyed with the M203 grenade launcher live ammunition (40mm) by repeatedly tossing it. It eventually hit a stone and exploded,” explains Senior Superintendent Rufino Inot, Basilan police director.

The boys was then rushed to Basilan General Hospital, where he is currently fighting for his life.

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident. In the region, children often fall victim to abandoned ammunition and hidden landmines.

Boy Plays with Grenade Highlights Safety Tips for Kids Playing Outdoors

boy plays with grenade

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Though this accident is a common problem in the region, elsewhere in the Philippines, playing outdoors also poses threats to kids.

In a busy city like Manila, for instance, they are at risk for traffic injury and even kidnapping. So it’s important to keep kids safe when playing outdoors.

Here are a few reminders you should always tell your kids:

1. Stop and look before you cross

Never ever cross without looking, even if the road seems empty. A speeding car can be hard to spot, especially if the driver is speeding or distracted.

2. Watch out for blind spots

Teach kids to listen closely for oncoming vehicles, especially on blind corners, or corners with sharp turns. If they hear a horn or speeding car, stop and look and get out of the away.

3. Don’t talk to strangers no matter what

Emphasize “stranger danger” at all times! Even if someone says they know mom and dad, teach kids to be wary of anyone, even of seemingly nice strangers.

4. Even tricycles and motorcycles can be dangerous

They might seem easy to dodge, but motorcycles and tricycles can go from zero to speeding in a flash. Teach kids to wait for them to pass before they cross. Don’t rush to cross when there are oncoming tricycles or motorcycles.

5. Don’t run!

Most of all, don’t run on busy roads. Because fatal injuries can happen in a split-second, and when you least expect it!

6. Stay on sidewalks

Yes in Manila, many streets don’t have sidewalks, but this safety tip still applies! Make sure kids stay on the side of the street. If they can avoid playing on the street altogether, it would be much safer.

If you have the option, you can bring kids to play spaces in the mall or public parks to make sure they are safe. Playtime at home can also be fun. Plus, it provides bonding opportunities for the whole family!


source: Inquirer.net 

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