5 Simple ways to build your wife's self-esteem instead of putting her down

5 Simple ways to build your wife's self-esteem instead of putting her down

Boosting your wife's self confidence can actually help strengthen your marriage. Here are some everyday ways you can help make this happen, hubbies!

Have you ever gawked at a beautiful woman passing by while you're on a date with your wife? Have you ever tuned her out, talked over her, or made her feel like her opinion didn't matter? You could be undermining her self-esteem and tearing her down without realizing it!

Uplifting your wife is all part of being a good husband and life partner! Try starting with these simple things and be amazed by just how much you can truly make your wife feel loved.

1. Notice the little things

Be attentive to the little changes she makes to her appearance. Compliment her, or simply just ask about it. Encourage her efforts to feel good about herself. Don't make her feel guilty for needing me-time. Acknowledge all she does for your family by noticing when she needs to take time for herself. When she's upset, don't brush it off and pretend like you didn't notice.

Love can be found in the little details.

2. Be truly proud of her and don't be ashamed to tell the world!

Your wife wants to feel cherished; she wants to know that you're proud to be her husband. When you're at a party, for instance, tell your family and friends about your accomplishments. Be her biggest supporter and cheer her on even when she fails--that's when she needs it the most!

Take a hold of her hand when you're walking around in the mall. Even simply kissing her good morning and showering her with loving words randomly can truly make her feel that you value her.

5 Simple ways to build your wife's self-esteem instead of putting her down

3. Don't be distracted by other women

It's natural to glance at pretty women; it's human nature. You don't have to stare at your wife alone to prove that you only have eyes for her. But it's more about being committed not to purposely search for pretty women in public or online. Doing so could be a huge blow to your wife's self-esteem and make her feel like she is not enough.

4. Ask for her help

Seek her opinion and guidance when making decisions. If you're having difficulties, don't keep it all to yourself. Don't let your ego get the best of you and remind yourself that she is your equal--your life partner--and part of building her up is reminding her of this fact, too. Often, in your effort to shield your wife from pain, you take on all the struggles of life on your own. Not only can this be difficult for you, it could also cause strain in your marriage.

5. Make an effort to please her

Being attentive and communicating with your wife can even involve specifically asking her how you can please her. The Good Men Project's advice is to list down ways to make your wife feel good about herself throughout the week. It can be simple ways to make her hectic day easier or helping her wind down after a long, tiring day.

We hope this will help you give your beloved wife a confidence boost! We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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