California implements mandatory vaccine law, outraging anti-vaxxers

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The state’s mandatory vaccination is said to have positive reasons in its good intentions, thus the lawmakers had it approved instantly.

Parents have varying stance on vaccination and its effects. There are those who believe vaccines prevent illnesses and save lives, while others think it’s insidiously harming children.

But when it comes to vaccines, parents in most countries have the choice whether or not to vaccinate their children.

That is about to change in California, however. A recently passed law in the state now requires parents to vaccinate their children.

“The law implies that all children must and should be vaccinated and should complete their vaccination record by the time they reach 7th grade,” said a Parent Herald story.

The mandatory law had been pushed through legislation July 1st, and immediately took effect.

While many felt relief, parents who aren’t so keen into vaccines were outraged. Stripped of the choice to opt out of vaccines, they are even calling the law “toxic shot.”

A Breibart News said that to surpass the law, anti-vaccination parents were forced either to leave their homes and ove somewhere else or to have their children enrolled in a home schooling program.

These parents are also saying that the law compromises their parental principles, especially with the government’s tendency to “force their will against some parents’ decision when it comes to their children.”

The vaccination law has always been controversial: prior to its passing, parents have the ability to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children. After it was passed however, parents can only get out of it if they present a letter of exemption from a doctor.

But then according to a news story from UPI, the mandatory law disregards most of these exceptions.

“The state’s mandatory vaccination however is said to have positive reasons in its good intentions, thus the lawmakers had it approved instantly,” said the Parent Herald story.

Another contributing factor to its passing was the measles outbreak in Marin Country which greatly affected non-vaccinated children.

Personally, what is your personal stance on vaccines? Are you for or against it? Either way, parents are only operating under the belief that they’re doing what’s best for their children.

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