Camille Prats shares mom essentials she would NEVER compromise

Camille Prats shares mom essentials she would NEVER compromise

The mom of two opens up about mommy hacks, superstitions, and the non-negotiable baby essentials.

Though she’s now a mom of two, with many mommy hacks to share, actress/host Camille Prats can still recall the uncertainties of first-time motherhood.

Being a new mom can be overwhelming, and Camille experienced this for herself. Back then, when she had just given birth to son, Nathan, she wasn’t as confident as she is now.

“Parang nakakabaliw,” she said when we caught up with her at Metro Department Store’s recent Baby Fair.

During the event, we learned much from the hands-on mom, whose youngest Nala is now 9 months old, when it comes to mommy hacks and essentials new moms must have.

Camille Prats Shares Mommy Hacks: Does she still believe in pamahiin?

camille prats shares mommy hacks

Camille Prats shares mommy hacks that helped her, like budgeting and knowing what advice to follow. | image courtesy: Camille Prats Instagram account

“If you’re going to ask for advice, make sure you seek advice from people or moms that you trust,” she said, adding how it is up to you as a new mom to choose which tips you will apply to your own life.

While some believe in certain superstitions like usog, the 32-year-old mom takes a more modern approach.

“Dati masyado akong praning na praning ilabas yung anak ko kasi mauusog. Pero with my second baby, Nala, na-realize ko na nasa isip na lang nating mga tao yung, kapag umiiyak, nausog. Baka naman may kabag talaga na hindi lang na-address yung kabag niya,” she explains, further stressing the need to weigh the advice you get as a new mom.

However, there are two practices passed down by her grandmother that she believes are still worth following.

“Manzanilla at alcamporado,” Camille shares. “Manzanilla yung pinapahid sa tiyan para hindi kabagin. Tapos yung alcamporado nilalagay sa paa at bunbunan para hindi lamigin.”

“For some reason, comforting yung amoy niya sa ‘kin,” she says, laughing.

What Should Be On a New Mom’s Checklist, according to Camille Prats?

camille prats shares mommy hacks

When she was a first-time mom, she recalls being praning when it comes to her baby’s health. Now she’s more aware and confident! | image courtesy: Camille Prats Instagram account

“For me, ang essentials ay diapers, sterilizer,” she enumerates, adding how she can’t compromise thoroughly cleanning her baby essentials, like eating utensils and sippy cups. “Kailangan talaga, pagdating sa kalinisan, lalo na kapag pinapakain natin sa kanila, kailangan talaga, no compromise, yung product panglinis.”

“Yung detergent, panglaba ng damit nila, has to be hypoallergenic. Atsaka kung may nakikita po kayong mga non-GMO, paraben free, and just because it’s organic and safe for babies, it doesn’t mean it’s expensive,” she clarifies.

Though she has been active in show business since childhood, she proudly shares that budgeting finances is important to her.

“Importante yung budget, kailangan kasi yung binibili mo yung sakto lang din na gagamitin ng anak mo dahil kung hindi, sayang naman.”

The budget-savvy mom says that the fact that organic is expensive is a common misconception.

“Mayroon kang makikitang reasonably priced, sa dami ng choices mafifigure out mo na, ay ito, practical yung presyo, pero di mo na-compromise yung safety ng anak mo.”


What are the mom essentials on your checklist? Let us know in the comments below.

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