Caring for newborn baby: Should your baby sleep with you?

Caring for newborn baby: Should your baby sleep with you?

Caring for newborn baby may be daunting. You want to be with them at all times to ensure their safety, even at night. But is sleeping with them best for you?

sleeping close to your baby

Read to find out the benefits of sleeping close to your little one.

New parents are often nervous and unsure of themselves, especially when it comes to taking care of their newborn’s needs during the night. ‘Will the baby wake up? Will we be able to hear the baby?’

Yeah, right…will they hear the baby? That’s a good one. When you’re sleeping close to your baby, you’ll hear everything and more!

When sleeping close to your baby

More often than not, new parents or even experienced parents, choose to have their newborn sleep in the same room with them for the first 2 to 3 weeks.

This is done more out of convenience and comfort for the new mom than anything else, but nonetheless, it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to place the cradle or crib in your room for the comfort and ease of both.

How to sleep close to your baby 

When parents ask ‘how’ to sleep close to their baby, they usually think that they have two options:

• Sleep in the same bed as their baby

• Place the baby’s crib in the bedroom with them

If you are one of those parents, the ones that think they have two options, then think again! If you insist on sleeping close to your baby, you really only have one choice.

The only safe way to sleep close to your infant is to have their crib in the same room as the one you sleep in. Anything other than that is unsafe and unacceptable.

By placing the crib in your room, you will be able to hear the baby cry before they wake the entire family up.

By sleeping in the same room, you eliminate waking other children when you tend to the baby’s night time needs.

By sleeping close to your baby in this manner, you often feel more at ease and worry less about SIDS, choking, abductions and other hazards.

breast cover end

Having your baby sleep close-by is a decision best made by both husband and wife.

While sleeping in the same room as your baby isn’t the worst thing in the world you could do, there are some drawbacks you need to consider:

You need to consider what it will do to your love-life. Most couples are more focused on not waking the baby up than they are on satisfying and enjoying each other.

If you’re a light sleeper, every sound your baby makes will put you on ‘mom-alert’.

You won’t be able to help it. That’s just part of being a mom.

And finally, your baby may not rest well in your room.They may be the type who needs the peace and complete silence.

It’s up to you and your hubby, as long as your baby isn’t in your bed, the choice of sleeping close to your baby (in the same room) is one you have to make for yourself.

For more on sleeping close to your baby, watch this video:

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