Celebrity babies to watch for: Batch 2019!

Celebrity babies to watch for: Batch 2019!

Netizens are always on the look out for latest about celebrity babies in the Philippines. Here's a list of the little cuties born in 2019.

Do you love stalking celebrity babies, local or international? We sure all do 'cause we love looking at cuties to brighten up our day!

Here are a few of the celebrity babies in the Philippines who were born this year and will be born this year 2019, more stalking to come for us then! Yay!

New babies in town

Baby Ziggy

celebrity babies in the Philippines, ziggy dantes

On April 16, 2019, Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes welcomed their son Jose Sixto IV or "Ziggy."

The GMA-7 actress said in her Instagram post that Baby Ziggy was an early Easter blessing.

"Happy Easter. Ito na marahil ang pinakamasayang Pasko Ng Pagkabuhay ng aking buong pakikipagsapalaran sa mundong ito dahil sila—si Dong, si Letizia at si Sixto—sila ang aking buhay."


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Fans were thrilled when Yan and Dong confirmed that baby no. 2 was on the way. They shared the good news last year of September and two months later, they announced that they were having a boy.

Baby Amelia


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A post shared by Andi Manzano Reyes (@andimanzano) on

On January 19, 2019, Andi Manzano and GP Reyes welcomed their second girl Amelia in their family.

The radio DJ and vlogger said on her Instagram post, "It was tough, challenging, and long delivery but God heard our prayers and this little girl is a miracle baby. So much emotions but totally worth it. I love this tiny human so much. She's here."

Andi and GP's gender reveal was the talk of the town because 'twas the grandest gender reveal yet. Their gender reveal was held at The Island at the Palace last October 9, 2018, but wait there's more!

The Reyes family lit up an entire building pink, boldly declaring "GIRL" not just for the party guests, but also for the rest of BGC to see.


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Baby Summer


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Another January baby, Summer Ayana Contis was welcomed by her loving parents LJ Reyes and Paolo Contis last January 4, 2019.

LJ said on her Instagram post welcoming the newest bundle of joy in her life: "We've waited for you... and now I can't believe you're already in our arms! Worth every single pain! I love you sooooooo much Summer!!!! Mommy is so crazy about you!!!"

The GMA-7 actress announced that she was pregnant with Paolo via a video she posted on her Instagram last August 27 last year asking her son Aki, "Do you want a playmate?"

Baby Elijah


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A post shared by Miriam Quiambao-Roberto (@miriamq888) on

Back in August 2018, former beauty queen Miriam Quiambao announced her pregnancy at the age of 43. Miriam and her husband Ardy Roberto had been trying to conceive and even considered undergoing in-vitro fertilization or even adoption, but fortunately, she got pregnant naturally.

They welcomed her son Elijah last February 16, 2019.

Miriam had went through an emergency cesarean procedure and successfully welcomed a baby boy who weighed 4lbs 7oz, had an apgar score of 10, and had a perfect latch instantly. They consider Baby Elijah as their miracle baby.

Baby Titus


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A post shared by Nadine Chua (@nadinesamonte) on

Nadine Samonte and Richard Chua welcomed their second baby just this April 28, 2019. They named their baby boy Austin Titus.

Baby Titus stayed in the hospital for nearly a week and a half due to minor complications. Thankfully, he got home already just this May 5, a week before Mother's Day.

In Nadine's Instagram post, she shared: "After 9 days in the hospital finally we are going home. Nagkaroon ng minor problem si Titus and its so hard for me kasi buong pregnancy ko naghirap nko tapos pag labas ni Titus ganun pa. I'm a strong momma bihira ako umiyak but when i gave birth tapos ganun i cried so much buti nalang hindi tlga kami pinapabayaan ni Lord..."


Upcoming new cuties in town

Another adobo-loving baby


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A post shared by Georgina Wilson? (@ilovegeorgina) on

Georgina Wilson announced her second pregnancy in the most fashionable way as expected. She was six months pregnant when she posted on Instagram and said in her caption, "Another adobo loving baby coming right up." She definitely nailed her 6-month preggy bump looking so much glamorous.

Georgina also shared another photo of her bump sharing a story behind her outfit, "Arthur to Me: 'Darling, why do you need a snakeskin trench.... we live in the tropics! And aren’t you supposed to be buying maternity clothes??' Hahaha."


Baby wander


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A post shared by little heartbeat photography (@littleheartbeatphotography) on

Mama Wander Rica Peralejo, husband Pastor Joseph Bonifacio, and five-year-old son Philip began 2019 full of hope and faith. The family happily announced that Rica is pregnant with their second baby after experiencing two miscarriages last 2016 and 2017.

Vlogger mama, who was four months and a half pregnant at the time, shared the news through her YouTube channel her second pregnancy. The former Ang TV child actress is now 34 weeks pregnant and almost ready to pop. She recently revealed that they are having another baby boy.


Isla baby


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A post shared by Andi Eigenmann (@andieigengirl) on

Andi Eigenmann surprised Instagram on February 1, 2019, when she revealed that she was 14 weeks pregnant with her second baby after seven years of having Ellie as her only daughter.

The actress turned island girl is now based in Siargao and loving every bit of it. She is expecting a baby girl with her partner, surfing champion Philmar Alipayo.

Just recently she posted a photo of her and her 29-week bump saying, "Hard to be pregnant under this scorching heat, but at my happiest nevertheless. Everyday my surroundings make me feel so blessed to be alive, so proud to be a mother who gets to raise her children in this paradise."


Another Baby Yambao-on-board


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A post shared by Camille Prats Yambao (@camilleprats) on

December 25, 2018, Camille Prats-Yambao announced that she's pregnant again with husband VJ Yambao. The child actress said in her caption: "Our family is getting merrier coz a little present is on the way! God's greatest gifts comes in surprises and we are over the moon! Unwrapping on July 2019!"

On a separate post with the same date, she also posted an ultrasound of her new little bundle of joy, "See you soon little one! #YambaoBabyOnBoard #9weeks"

Now she's on her final stretch and just a few hours ago she posted a 3D ultrasound of her little boy, "Chubby cheeks at 29 weeks!! See you in a few weeks my love!!"


Kuya Pancho's best friend


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A post shared by Saab Magalona-Bacarro (@saabmagalona) on

Just last month, Saab Magalona posted a photo on her Instagram account saying, "Kuya Pancho can't hide his excitement!" And that photo basically confirmed her second pregnancy with husband Jim Bacarro.

On a separate post, she shared with her family, friends, and followers that she and husband Jim confirmed her pregnancy two days before Pancho's birthday. Although she already suspected that she was pregnant since Christmas.

Pancho was supposed to have a twin whom the couple named Luna Isabel. But it was definitely a heartbreak for them when they lost her.

Now, the couple believes in their hearts that their baby has returned to them.


LEEttleGo number 2


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A post shared by Divine Lee Go (@divinemlee) on

Originally, Divine Lee's plan to announce her pregnancy was on April Fool's Day just to test the people if they would believe, but then her husband Blake Go just couldn't contain his excitement so he made a post earlier than April Fool's.

On Divine's Instagram post last April 26 wherein she revealed the gender of her baby, she captioned, "This is it! #LEEttleGO number two is a GIRL! #FamiLEEGOals"


Little Georgie


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A post shared by Chynna Ortaleza Cipriano (@chynsortaleza) on

Last Easter Sunday, both Chynna Ortaleza and Kean Cipriano announced their second pregnancy through their Instagram accounts. As they were delighted, Chynna captioned, "Name suggestions!"

Just this May 5, both couple also had posted an IG TV of their intimate gender reveal, and..."It's a boy!!!"

On a separate post on the same date with the couple's three-year old daughter, the GMA-7 actress shared, "Hi Ate. Yun na daw siya now..Ate Peppa & ang baby brother niya she calls 'My Little Georgie.' I love you @stellarcipriano bonding tayo everyday. You'll be a great big sister."


Mini Geoff


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A post shared by MAYA (@blushmaya) on

Last February 14, Valentine's Day, Maya Flores and husband Geoff Eigenmann shared on their Instagram accounts that their family is growing.

On their posts, it was the gender reveal which was held inside a gym and fitness center that they go to.

On Maya's post she stated, "Geoff and I are overjoyed to finally share that our family is growing..Another li'l babe is on it's way." They made a little mess popping the balloon to reveal the gender of the baby, but 'twas worth it 'cause they'll be having a baby boy!

Maya is now on her final stretch countdown.


Model Baby


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A post shared by Fatima Rabago (@fatimarabago) on

Spanish model Fatima Rabago had the smallest baby bump on her fifth month.

Last November 24, 2018 she happily announced on her Instagram account there would be a new addition to their family! She even added on the latter part of her caption, "Danda (daughter) is over the moon as she is been asking already for more than a year to be a big sister."

And just last month Fatima and husband Hideo Muraoka, posted on their Instagram that, "IT'S A BOY!!!!"

Now, Fatima is down to her last trimester.


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