A father's day tribute to hardworking celebrity dads

A father's day tribute to hardworking celebrity dads

How did some of our favorite celeb daddies celebrate Father's day over the weekend?

Being a celebrity can be tiring and can require a lot from a person—the long hours, hectic schedules, pressures from the public to maintain a certain image. When you add being a dad to the mix, it requires even more patience and stamina. It’s true, mixing both showbiz and fatherhood is no doubt a very draining job. That’s why we just can’t deny how much credit our celebrity dads deserve this Father’s Day!

To show how much we appreciate the hard work of these celebrity dads, their nearest and dearest paid tribute to them this past Father’s day!

Celebrity Father’s Day 2018: How Did These Stars Loved Ones Pay Tribute and Celebrate Them This Year?

1. Drew Arellano

Here’s a recent post from Iya Villania’s Instagram account featuring her husband Drew Arellano and their cute baby Antonio Primo!

Iya captioned this photo with: “To the daddy who makes our lives so happy. We love you, Papa Du! Thank you for being the best. Happy Father’s day!”

We can truly see how much Daddy Drew loves his son by simply looking at how he wraps his arms around baby Primo. Just the cutest father and son duo!

2. Ding Dong Dantes

“Feliz día del padre mi amor!” wrote Marian on Instagram.

Marian Rivera and Baby Zia greets Daddy Dong a Happy Father’s Day with the most romantic gesture! – taking the whole family out to  El Nido, Palawan and having an intimate family dinner by the beach

How sweet!

3. Paul Soriano

Mommy Toni Gonzaga shows off her stand out husband Paul Soriano on her Instagram account with a cute video of the celebrity couple teaching baby Seve how to walk.

We could see how Seve enjoys the company of his director daddy, and how much Toni believes in the capabilities of Paul as a father.

We believe in you too, Direk Paul!

4. Chito Miranda

Neri Miranda prepared a special meal for her special someone!

Parokya Ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda and family celebrated Father’s Day with a boodle fight.

The food looks so delicious that you can clearly see how baby Miggy can’t wait to dig right in!

5. Hayden Kho

Loving daughter Scarlet Snow greeted her daddy Hayden by sharing reasons why she thinks her dad is her hero with an adorable video featuring their family.

Scarlet mentions that one of the reasons she thinks daddy Hayden’s a super dad is because “He shows me how much he loves mommy and me!”

(Photo: scarletsnowbelo on Instagram)

6. Paul Jake Castillo

We can surely tell that baby Joaquin loves to joke around with his papa Paul!

Actress Kaye Abad greeted her husband a Happy Father’s Day on her Instagram account by posting this funny yet endearing photo of daddy Paul and baby Joaquin.

“Happy Father’s Day my love! Thank you for being there for me and joaquin always! We love you,” wrote the first-time mom, who gave birth back in December 2017, a year after they tied the knot in Cebu.

7. Richard Gutierrez

Zion loves his cool Dada very much!

Sarah Lahbati and son Zion shared their love and appreciation for daddy Chard in Sarah’s Instagram post – Sarah with her sweet words, while Zion with his warm embrace.

In a later post, Richard thanked Sarah for organizing a relaxing staycation for their whole family.

As the Haligi ng Tahanan, dads strive to provide for and keep the family together at the same time. Tough job, right?But, I’m sure that this is a job all of the fathers out there are more than happy and willing to take! Right, dads?

How did you make your dad feel special this past Father’s day? Let us know in the comments below.


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