The challenges of being a shopaholic as a new mom

The challenges of being a shopaholic as a new mom

For women who really love to shop, having a new baby presents a host of additional challenges. We asked Emily, a self-confessed shopaholic who became a new mom four months ago, about her shopping style and how she faces these challenges.

What are your favorite things to shop for when you’re buying for yourself?

Like many women, I love to shop for clothes and shoes but my shopping addiction spreads much wider than that. My other favorite thing to shop for is a bit more unique: I have a soft spot for vintage home decor shopping. I love browsing through all the old treasures and finding unique decorations for my home.

What do you think about online shopping versus visiting stores in person?

Before my daughter came along a few months ago, I would have said that I prefer in-store shopping without any hesitation.

These days, as a new mom, I am doing much more of my shopping online. You cannot beat the convenience of it;  I can browse the shops, order and receive a delivery - all while I’m in my pajamas!

The challenges of being a shopaholic as a new mom

How have your shopping habits changed since your new baby arrived?

The two biggest changes are that while I have less time to go to the store, I have more time to research my purchases and compare prices.

A few weeks ago, one of the women in my yoga class told me about a website she had started using called Picodi. It posts discount codes for different retailers including some of my favorite beauty, clothing and housewares stores. Finally, I can shop for myself and our family while still staying under our family budget!

Now when I want to buy something, I start by browsing online shops and comparing prices before I make a purchase. As a young family, we need to be more price-conscious than before so it’s great to find a website that helps us get the best deals!

The challenges of being a shopaholic as a new mom

The website makes it simple to browse stores that have discounts available and I can compare prices on similar items across multiple websites with just a few clicks. They also have discount codes for services like taxis and food delivery, two services you rely on heavily as a new parent! I appreciate that promotions are listed with an expiry date so I don’t feel rushed into making purchases because I’m worried about the discount code expiring.

What do you miss about in-store shopping?

The main thing that I miss about in-store shopping is trying things on. At the mall, I would always choose one item of clothing that was completely different than the rest of my wardrobe to try. These pieces often became my favorites just because they were unique by comparison.

I also miss sitting trying all the different places to eat in the food stalls in the mall. I love that there are many delicious options and restaurant-quality food at a much lower price.
How does your husband feel about your new-found affinity for online shopping?

We’ve been together for a long time, so he is pretty used to my love for shopping! I think he’s happy that I’ve found a way to maintain my shopping addiction, spend less money than I was before and that he doesn’t have to come shopping with me as often.

The challenges of being a shopaholic as a new mom

What’s it like shopping for your new daughter?

 Buying things like clothes and toys are as fun and adorable as you’d expect. I love all the cute baby clothes and the adorable accessories that I can buy for my daughter. What I didn’t anticipate was how much stress the more significant purchases would bring. Choosing the right crib, car seat and stroller required a considerable amount of research to find ones that we felt were the right fit for our family.

Thank you Emily for sitting down with us today and answering all our questions. Good luck with your new family!

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