China Cojuangco on social media threat daughter received: 'I was furious and insulted'

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In an interview with theAsianparent, the actress and chef opens up about a troubling experience she had on social media and how to protect kids from cyberbullying.

China Cojuangco loves to share her travels, culinary adventures as well as sweet family moments with husband chef Gino Gonzalez and daughter Lucia on social media. With over 125,000 Instagram followers, the actress/chef’s social media experience has largely been positive. Recently, however, she experienced something that truly upset her. 

Out of nowhere, a follower sent her a personal message, threatening her 4-year-old daughter Lucia. 

“Cute! sarap isilid sa sako at itapon sa ilog. Cariño brutal? Para makaganti sa pamilya Cojuangco,” read the disturbing personal message, which she has since brought to the attention of Instagram in a public post.

The concerned mom said she’s personally taking this as a threat—“cyber bullying even to the extent of kidnapping.”

“I do not wish for anyone saying that I am over reacting – but if this involves my innocent daughter – then I will take action,” she wrote in the post. 

“I was furious and insulted! Kung meron siyang galit sa pamilya ko, for reasons she did not even mention or clarify, let that be the problem of adults…”

“I was dumbfounded,” China told theAsianparent. “I was furious and insulted! Kung meron siyang galit sa pamilya ko, for reasons she did not even mention or clarify, let that be the problem of adults, but to include my daughter who in the video is enjoying simple joys of life?”
China, who also studied Holistic Human Development and Management, says has made her more understanding of society, but “what this woman said to (her) was and will never be acceptable.”
“Nobody deserves those words,” she emphasized.

“To parents who are getting abusive messages toward their kid…do not take these things sitting down.”

She also shared some tips for parents who might encounter similar behavior on social media.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Fight Back

“To parents who are getting abusive messages toward their kids, do not take these things sitting down,” she urges.

2. Empower Kids to Stand Up for Themselves

“If your children are old enough to defend themselves, trust them and let them learn to deal with it—with your guidance,” says China.

3. Try Your Best Not To Be Rude

“If your children are still too young to defend themselves, then you come to their defense humanely, like proper human beings and not like ‘barbarians’,” she clarifies. “Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Acting on impulse may not turn out pleasantly.”

4. Prepare Your Kids For The Real World

She and her husband Gino put up an Instagram account for Lucia, which they both manage. 

“Once we think that she is ready and responsible, then it’s time to turn over her account,” she explains, adding how she knows that she can’t completely shield her daughter from the good and the bad as she grows up.

“I will let her take things day by day,” she explains. “So that she will not get overwhelmed by the fast-paced lifestyle at the moment.”

“Then in time – she will learn to protect and defend herself,” she says in closing, “and we, her parents, will be right behind her.”

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