Make choices you won't regret: A moving Christmas ad's message

Make choices you won't regret: A moving Christmas ad's message

Watch this moving Christmas ad to remind you about what you should prioritize this holiday season.

The Philippines is known for having the longest Christmas celebration in the world. As soon as the -ber months come, Jose Mari Chan songs start playing in shopping malls and houses start decking their houses with lights, garlands and parols.

But the Christmas season is also a busy one. We make our lists, check it twice to make sure we included all ina-anaks, find gifts, wrap and deliver them. We blink and notice that our December schedule is already full because of Christmas parties and reunions with different ka-barkadas.

Preparing for these parties - from looking good to ensuring great food - takes just as much time. Traffic, well, let's not get started.

Before we lose ourselves in the frenzied, hurly-burly of the city life (oops, different JM Chan song), one moving Christmas ad by German supermarket EDEKA invites us to pause and ask ourselves if there are priorities we might be neglecting, like a lonely parent who lives far away.

Warning: powerful video, may induce tears...

Regrets can haunt us forever - let's make sure we won't regret our choices this Christmas season.

After all, we want to set a good example to our children because later on, we might be that lonely parent who lives far away.

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