Claudine Barretto calls Raymart Santiago a 'deadbeat dad'

Claudine Barretto calls Raymart Santiago a 'deadbeat dad'

The actress and mom-of-two takes another jab at her estranged husband because of their 10-year-old son, Santino. Read on to find out more

After her 10-year-old son Santino landed in the hospital for undisclosed reasons, Claudine Barretto took to Instagram to express her dismay at not having heard from Raymart in the two days Santino has been confined.

In her post, where she shared how grateful she is for the "real men in her life", pertaining to her brother Mito and father Miguel who were in the photo sitting by her son's bedside.

Her jab at Raymart was in the form of a hashtag "deadbeat dad", affixed to the caption, which is a father who neglects parental responsibilities.

Thank u Lord for the wonderful Men our life. @mitobarretto @miguelbarretto no need for #deadbeatdad

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"[Please] be well. Palanggas, [please] pray for Santino. I'm just here, anak. Just you and me. We will be ok. Not leaving you. Never giving up on you. I [love] you, anak," Claudine wrote in the caption.

Back in November 2016, Claudine accused one of Raymart's relatives of hurting Santino, even sharing a photo of the young boy with apparent redness on his arm.

However, Raymart clarified the incident, saying that it was simply child's play gone wrong.

"According to Santino, nagpakuwento din ako," said Raymart in an interview with PEP, "naglalaro daw sila ng bola na papel, nagbabatuhan sila. Tapos nagbabatu-batuhan, tumama sa ulo, nagkapikunan."

10-year-old Santino was playing with a knife when his relatives simply grabbed his arm to keep others from getting hurt.

Thumbs up ?

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Raymart expressed disappointment at how the whole thing, which could easily be resolved as a family, was blown out of proportion.

Though Claudine vowed to press charges after last year's incident, there has been no such action taken so far.

As of this writing, Raymart has yet to respond to Claudine's latest accusation.

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