Courageous worker becomes first casualty of Cavite fire

Courageous worker becomes first casualty of Cavite fire

Jerome Sismaet, a line leader, reportedly helped rescue his fellow workers during the blaze. Sadly, he has passed away from the extent of his injuries.

In the wake of the fire that happened in the Cavite Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) compound, one heroic worker who stayed behind to ensure that his subordinates escaped first, has sadly passed away due to his injuries.

'Hero worker'

Jerome Sismaet, who was working as a line leader at the House Technologies Inc. (HTI) factory, was said to have disregarded his own safety just so the other workers can escape safely.

Charito Plaza, director general of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority shares, "He is a hero, being one of the line leaders na tinulungan munang maka-evacuate ang mga kasama niya bago siya lumabas."

He succumbed to his wounds at 10:25 p.m. Saturday, according to Cavite Governor Jesus Crispin Remulla. He was initially listed as one of the injured factory workers who were taken to the Divine Grace Medical Center in General Trias, Cavite.

The blaze went on for 70 hours

According to reports, the HTI employees were preparing for the night shift at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, when a fire started inside one of the insulation rooms. A fire out was declared after 70 hours, around 4 p.m. on Saturday.

The facility manufactured housing materials that were exported to Japan. The fact that there was a lot of wood being used in the EPZA compound was the major reason why the fire went on for such a long time.

How important is it to teach our kids the value of selflessness?

For the most part, selflessness is one trait that a number of parents find difficult to teach as even adults find it hard to be selfless themselves.

Thinking of ourselves first is a part of human nature, but nonetheless, selflessness and caring for other people, even those who we don't know, is extremely important.

We can start by teaching our kids to think of the consequences of their actions first, to think of what effect the things they say and do can have on someone else.

Another good way would be to ask your child to donate any toys or clothes that they're not using anymore to charity. Volunteering and giving their time to good causes is also a good way for them to learn the value of not just selflessness, but also helping other people out.

Parents also need to set an example for their kids, since kids look to their parents as role models. Spreading the value of selflessness within your family is also a great way of teaching your kids how to love everyone.


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