Cute kids who are excited for the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight

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On May 3, 2015, not only will the adults be crossing for Manny across the country, but so will the kids too! Check out these kids who are excited for the Fight of the Century!

On May 3, 2015, the whole Philippines will be on standstill starting 8 in the morning as the Fight of the Century between Pacuiao and Mayweather takes place.

But if you think that adults are the only one looking forward to the bout, then you're sorely mistaken! Fans as young as a year old are ready to cheer for the nation's champion, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao!

1. "Hands up for Manny Pacqiuao!" - Gijs Yohan Nievaart (1 year and 5 months)


2. "Manny, good luck to you! Go for the win! Laban PILIPINO! We love you!" - Mark Paulo Pannette (6 years old) and Allen Generey Pannette (3 years old)


3. "Good luck, Manny! We hope you beat Mayweather!" - Xavion Mirchandani (3 years and 6 months) and Zayden Mirchandani (6 years old)


4. "Go manny. You can do it. Go for the win. Go! Go! Go!" - Jaril Prince M. Maya (3 years old)


5. "Go! Go! Go idol Manny!" - Rhenz Andrew Sarapanan (3 years old)


6. "Go go go Manny Pacquaio! We are so proud of you!" - Enrico Manuel (5 years old)


7. "We want to see you Pacman K.O. Mayweather!" - Jason Daniel Ygot (7 years old) and Jared Matthew M. Ygot (5 years old)


8. "Pacman for the win! We will support and pray for you all the way. Thank you for making every Filipino Proud!" - Xandrea Cayenne C. Montierro (2 years old and 3 months)


9. "Goodluck po, I pray to God na manalo ka sa laban mo, at i-guide kanya. Kayang-kaya mo yan, naniniwala po ako sa galing mo!" - Yajhee Ace C. Brosas (2 years old)

Manny Yajhee Ace C. Brosas 2yo

10. "I know you will win the fight, Manny Pacquiao! I want to be like you someday." - Edward Sky Gareth Mercado

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11. "James 4:6 But the grace that God gives is even stronger." - Shanice Chayah Rustia (7 months old)


12. "Manny, remember what the Lord gave David when he beat Goliath. We are with you in prayers. God bless you!" -  Paul Gabrielle L. Aguilar (5 years old) 


13. "Kuya Manny, I prayed hard for you. Please fight hard and be strong. I will be cheering for you. Mabuhay!" - Vincent Torres (7 years old)


14. "Good luck manny!! This is a fight of the century, make us proud! You our Pinoy Champ!" - Eunice Miranda (8 months)


15."Good luck po, Manny Pacman Paquiao! We pray for you and I will support you all the time." - Shawn Weinstein Fortes (4 years old)


16. Good luck sir Manny! May the Lord guide you during your fight. More powerful punches & God bless! - Ivanrey Dacuba (2 years old)


17. "Goodluck Manny! Go! Go! Go!" - Hailey Margarette Regoris (6 years old) and Ashley Gwyneth Regoris (4 years old)


18. "Good luck Manny Pacquiao! Alam namin na kaya mo yan. Lahat kaming mga Pilipino sumusuporta sayo. Go Manny, go!" - Mary Kate Joy Lumanog (6 years old)


19. "Go Manny! Go for the win! Fight! Fight! Fight! God bless you & we love you!" - Krizhei Jahanna U. Carpio (3 years old)


20. "Good luck Manny I hope you win. You're the best boxer ever!" - Hailey Sophia Peters (6 years old)


21. "Go Manny!" - Ralph Kean Laurente (5 years old)


22. "Go Manny!" - Jion Ager Ontog (2 years old)
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