WATCH: This dad knows how to scold a child without crushing her spirit

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A 3-year old girl gave herself a haircut. How dad gives us a great lesson on how to scold a child without crushing her spirit.

How to scold a child with just the right amount of firmness and love is a difficult lesson to master, but one dad did a great job of delivering the message without crushing his daughter's dreams.

Ansleigh, the 3-year old in the video, was inspired to cut her own hair. She did a fairly thorough job of cutting the parts she could reach - off came the bangs and the hair on the side.

For us amateurs who might not know any better, the hairstyle she gave herself actually has a name: a mullet.

When her dad discovered what she had done, they had a lovely heart-to-heart talk.

The Facebook video, which has been viewed almost 9 million times, captures how Chad, the father, first tried to understand what was going on in her head instead of scolding her outright.

We love how he assured her that her hair would grow again, while at the same time firmly reminding her not to try to cut it again (while she's still little).

"That's what I'm going to do when I get big!" Ansleigh declares. And when she was worried about not having scissors when she grows up? He promptly replied, "We'll get you some scissors when you get bigger."

The video ends with a "Thanks, dad!" and a little girl who knows that her father loves her despite her mistake. It is a scold worth emulating, and a good reminder to keep those scissors out of reach.

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