Dani Barretto: 'I'm very protective of my siblings'

Dani Barretto: 'I'm very protective of my siblings'

Dani Barretto, the oldest of Marjorie Barretto's children, recently shared that she's very protective of all her siblings, especially when bashers online say negative things about her family.

After some negative comments that her family received when they introduced their youngest sister on Instagram, Dani Barretto shared that she's "very protective" of her siblings.

Dani Barretto responds to negative comments

Marjorie Barretto's daughters have opened up after they introduced their youngest sister to the public through social media.

Claudia Barretto, Marjorie's second child, shared, "I don’t think it’s a big deal. I think it's a very normal thing."

Dani Barretto, Marjorie's eldest daughter added, "We expected it naman that people are gonna talk about it and it's possible naman na hindi siya pag-usapan.

"But, right now, we're just enjoying our family and my baby sister.

"And we're so glad that we also got a lot of good feedbacks from a lot of people.

"A lot of people appreciated the fact that we shared her to the world, finally.

"The negative comments and the bashers, it's always going to be there.

"Hindi naman mawawala yan, it's part of it."

Why did they decide to introduce her as their sister?

Asked about why they decided to introduce their youngest sister to the public, she said that they just figured out one day that it was about time.

"And may isip na siya, she's very much aware already how the social media work, and we just felt like it's the perfect time.

"I thought I was always going to be a cool ate, but hindi pala.

"Ako pala yung aawayin ko lahat para sa mga kapatid ko.

"Lalo na ngayon for my baby sister, mas extra protective.

"Not only ako, but lahat ng mga kapatid ko," she adds.

Indeed, it's very important for siblings to look out for one another, especially in the Barretto's case since they're all high profile personalities. It's refreshing to see such a mature response from young celebrities. Kudos to Marjorie for raising her children well!

Source: PEP

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