Great date ideas for parents who don't have a yaya!

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Taking care of your kids can be stressful, especially without a yaya to help you out. But who says that has to stop you and your partner from being romantic?

For a lot of parents, taking care of their kids is a full time job. And sometimes, it means that they rarely get to go out and have a romantic date night.

However, dates don't really have to be fancy for them to be romantic! Here are some great date ideas for parents who don't have a yaya!

1. Have a breakfast date!


If both you and your partner wake up early in the morning, then it's a good idea to sneak in a quick breakfast date with your partner! It's a great time to talk about the things that you'll be doing throughout the day, and have some time to be sweet and just have fun.

It's also a great way to start the day since it helps keep you and your partner positive and happy!

2. Go on a bike ride! (and maybe take the kids along)


Bike rides are not only fun, but they also keep you healthy! Why not take a bike ride with your spouse and just explore your neighborhood? After the bike ride, you can cap it off with a nice picnic at a nearby park.

You can even tag your kids along and turn it into a family affair! You can even make it a weekly thing so that your family can bond, and keep fit!

3. Spend the night gazing at the stars!


When's the last time that you've gone stargazing? Stargazing is a really fun activity, and it's pretty romantic too!

Once your kids are asleep, just go to an outdoor area, lay a mat, and just gaze at the stars. Though, if your kids are still awake, you can ask them to join you in watching the stars. You can also get a star map so that you can find all the different constellations!

4. Have a nice candlelit dinner


Oddly enough, candles can make any dinner romantic. So why not try and mix things up with your partner by having an extra special candlelit dinner?

You don't even need to have fancy food, you can just prepare your favorite food, turn off the lights, and put some candles on the table. Just make sure to put out the candles afterwards. You don't want your romantic date to accidentally cause a fire!

5. Board games!


Board games are fun, exciting, and a great way to bond with your partner! It's a nice way to just relax and have some fun together.

The great thing about board games is that they're cheap, they're not hard to set up, and board games are just plain, good fun! You can even have your kids join you for some fun!

Plus, there are also a lot of romantic board games that you and your spouse can play to spice things up a bit!


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