7 Amazing mommy-daddy stay-at-home date night ideas

7 Amazing mommy-daddy stay-at-home date night ideas

Parents, looking for a way to make the most of your at-home date night? Check out this awesome list for genius ideas!

Life with the kids may be more joyous than you’d ever imagined, but that doesn’t mean when you and your spouse get a night to yourselves that you can’t enjoy the moment!

Even if your parents or your in-laws have the little ones for the evening, you and your S.O. may not be chomping at the bit to leave the house and have an extravagant night on the town; sometimes, a night at home together is the perfect date night!


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But what to do? I mean, it’s been a while since you’ve had the entire house to yourselves, so…where to begin?

Well, luckily for you, we’ve got some great tips and recommendations for an amazing mommy-daddy stay-at-home date night! Check out the list and enjoy your magical evening in:


1. Prepare themed TV-dinner combos

Are you and your partner a big fan of travel shows? Tune in to your favorite program and prepare culinary dishes based upon the destinations seen on the show! Or, you can watch a nice romance film over some classy Italian dining and fine wine! The possibilities are limitless. The key is to spend time in the kitchen together. There, you’ll work as a team and bond all while having a great time making your dinner.


2. Have a little fun by asking these questions…

ICYMI: in a famous experiment, researchers were able to get subjects to “fall in love” by simply having gaze deeply into each others’ eyes and ask these 36 questions. Play around with them and see what new levels of love you’ll uncover!


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3. Have a picnic

Who needs a park to have a picnic?! Bust out the picnicking basics: basket, blanket, and food (even some wine if you’d like); and head to the balcony, porch, backyard, or frontyard! Enjoy a nice outside meal with your loved one under stars or city-light and make the most out of your night in.


4. Board games

Board games aren’t just for you and your friends, or for family game night. They also serve as a great way to bring about some fun competition between you and your spouse! Try out the classics: Monopoly, Twister, Boggle, or Scrabble to name a few.


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5. Gossip, chat, talk

Between hectic work schedules, keeping up with household duties, and that little thing called “parenting”, you may not have as many opportunities to catch up with you hubby/wifey. Take this time to bond and talk about your week. Dish some steamy gossip, talk about your work week, or just spend some making smalltalk. Either way you slice the pie, you’ve got all night to talk until you’re blue in the face.


6. Play video games

Just like board games, video games offer a great way to bring out some friendly competition. Video games (as a guy, I’m trying to sound nonpartisan) are a great way to let off steam, get a few laughs, and raise the stakes! Give it a shot. After all, you may not get many chances to “nerd out” with the kids around.


7. Getting sweaty

Hold on one second, and get that naughty mind of yours out of the gutter! What we mean to say is that you could easy utilize this time to try out some couples yoga and couples workouts to trigger those endorphins. Not to mention…you could always get sweaty in the most obvious way possible!


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