Whoops! Mom finds daughter's illicit party planning list

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She might have gotten away with it, if she didn't leave this lying around! Also, check out that illegal substance on the list.

Leah's mother found her daughter's illicit party planning list below. Her daughter wasn't allowed to throw a party.

If you look closer, you'll find something illegal on this list.

illicit party planning list

Wait a minute, vodka? Isn't that okay? They're at home anyway, right?

Nope, not in the United States. Why?

A homeowner can be go to jail for minors drinking alcohol inside the house. 

According to Leah’s mom, this was her reaction:

"My first thought was, wow, I've raised a great hostess. Have to bust her though because she was serving 17-year-olds alcohol at my house."

Her mother didn’t go ballistic, since she thought of the great clues she had about her daughter from this piece of paper. Still, if any of the kids at that party got harmed because they were drunk, Leah's mom was going to jail.

Still, as a good parent, you have to look at all the angles:


  1. Leah's good at planning and organization.
  2. She knows to keep people out of her parents’ and brother’s rooms.
  3. She knows to make people smoke outside the house.
  4. She cleaned up after the party pretty well.


  1. Leah let 17-year-olds drink alcohol.
  2. She could put her mother and father in jail.
  3. She left the super-incriminating list lying about.
  4. This is not Mission: Impossible. The list does not get destroyed.

Find out what Leah’s punishments are by clicking 2.

Here’s how Leah's mom confronted her daughter:

daughter party planning list

Leah's punishments

  1. She can no longer be left at home alone for more than a night.
  2. She can only ask her best friend to come over and no one else.

For an 18-year-old, that is the end of her social calendar until she earns back her mom's trust.

Her mother's childrearing philosophy

Here's what Leah's mom had to say about how she raises her kids:

"My whole parenting philosophy is about helping my kids make reasonable choices, usually by exposure to natural consequences."

When Leah didn’t want to wear a coat at six years old in the freezing cold, her mom let her, watching carefully if the temperature was too cold. This prompted the child to always wear a coat afterwards. She let Axel, her youngest, smash his fingers on his own on the drawer when he wouldn’t stop playing with it.

From then on, her toddler always closed drawers carefully.

It looks like her method usually works! But Leah is sure in a lot of trouble now. Maybe it's time to move out.

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What would you do if you found out your child threw a party like this, moms and dads?

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