How does depression manifest in men?

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Depression is a serious problem, and it's very important for everyone to know the signs of depression, especially in men

Depression is more of a problem than most people realize. And for men, who are traditionally known for their stoic demeanor, it’s much more difficult to see the more obvious signs of depression.

You’ll be surprised at how many men suffer from depression

In the US alone, six million men suffer from depression each year. While depression can be managed through therapy and proper treatment, most men still don’t know that they’re depressed.

Photo from: wikimedia commons

Photo from: wikimedia commons

Experts also say that most men struggling with depression either fail to acknowledge their condition, or are afraid of being judged. Others just chalk it up to stress or mistake it for another problem entirely.

Either way, depression is a serious problem, and it’s very important for people to know the signs of depression, especially in men.

Some of the symptoms of depression are universal, but for men, it can also manifest in different ways. Here are a few telltale signs that you should watch out for:

It can be mistaken for anger

Melancholy or extreme sadness is one of the clear signs of depression. In men however, it can manifest in increased frustration, sudden outbursts of anger, and irritability. This anger is most likely a reaction to the rise in their negative emotions.

Men like to keep quiet

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but men do like to keep quiet, especially when it comes to their emotions. That’s why most men are less prone to asking for professional help when it comes to their mental health issues. This usually stems from a fear of being judged or because of their own shame.

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