Developing creativity through quantity, not quality

Developing creativity through quantity, not quality

Understand why creativity is best developed by focusing on quantity over quality.

Masterpieces are admired for their quality and rarity. However, when it comes to developing creativity, quantity seems to play a more important role.

According to a BBC News Magazine article, the long story behind a high quality work of art or brilliant invention is usually overlooked.

It highlights a story from the book "Art and Fear" by David Bayles and Ted Orland, where a ceramics teacher announced that one group of students will be graded based on the number of works they complete and another group based on the quality of just one work of art.

Although the second group had more time to focus on just one piece, it was the first group that submitted the most beautiful designs.

With this in mind, parents who want their children to be more artistic must remember that perfection is a function of learning from mistakes and trial and errors. It will probably be messy and sometimes exasperating but these experiences are all part of the creative process.

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