Diana Zubiri shakes off comments about her pregnancy weight gain

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The actress and mom-of-two Diana Zubiri is in no rush to lose her post-pregnancy weight. Here's why. 

Diana Zubiri gave birth to her second child in August 2016 but he is not pressuring herself to lose weight.

Her daughter Aliyah Rose is now three months old and Diana has returned to television, starring in the reboot of Encantandia, a popular evening TV drama which Diana starred in the early 2000s.

"Baby pa naman kaya puwede pang iwan, tulog lang ng tulog," she told PEP in a recent interview, adding that she has to pump every three hours since she's breastfeeding her daughter.

Even before she gave birth, she had already been offered the role.

Donning costumes for the fantasy drama, Diana wasn't worried at all.

"Noong una, parang putok-putok yung costume, pero hindi naman yung maraming kita," the mom of two told PEP in a recent interview. "May nag-comment nga before, kasi yung teaser, may nagsabi, 'Ang taba!'"

"May nagsabi, 'Si Diana iyan kasi mataba, kapapanganak pa lang.'" she recounted another comment online. "At least, may excuse ako, di ba?"

The actress, who also has a seven-year-old son, also shared that her eldest first felt "selos" but because he sees nothing's changed, he's become a doting "kuya", who Diana proudly describes as very "maalaga".

"Teka muna, katatapos lang, hinga-hinga muna. Ang hirap magbuntis. Hindi ako nahirapan sa panganganak, nahirapan akong magbuntis," she lamented to PEP, adding that her gestational diabetes required her to go on a strict diet.

"Bawal akong kumain ng ganito, feeling ko inapi-api ako. Di ba kapag buntis ka, iba ang hormones mo," she says. She became more sensitive during pregnancy.

As of now, she has no plans as of now to have another kid with husband Andy Smith. "Malay mo naman," she teased. "Magbago pa isip ko."


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