The importance of physical and digital play for your child

The importance of physical and digital play for your child

A healthy balance between physical and digital play is essential when it comes to raising your child to be a well-balanced individual.

It can’t be denied that technology is a very important part of our modern lives. And of course, when it comes to raising children, tehcnology also plays a vital role. However, too much time spent on technology and gadgets, or digital play, can be harmful for your child.

How then can parents find the right balance between engaging their kids in both physical and digital play? Here’s what you need to know.

Why digital play?

digital play

The right balance of digital and physical play can make all the difference in your child’s development!

Modern technology has helped us greatly advance our lives. From making travel much easier, to connecting people through the internet, technology is really wonderful.

And for kids these days, technology is something that’s going to be a part of their daily lives, especially with the wide range of technologies that are available to them.

Unlike the old days where kids always played outside with their friends, kids these days also have a digital life that they spend on their gadgets and browsing the internet. Additionally, the ages of kids who have access to these technologies are getting younger and younger.

But too much time spent on gadgets can make kids miss out on the benefits of having an active lifestyle. On the other hand, being unfamiliar with gadgets and technology would give your child a hard time, and they can also miss out on the wealth of knowledge and discovery that technology brings.

This is why it’s important for moms and dads to balance both digital and physical play in order to maximize the benefits of both types of play.

How can parents ensure their child’s development?

The importance of physical and digital play for your child

Celebrities and influencers flocked to the launch of PlayLab PH.

Set aside a time for physical play, and digital play

One of the things that parents can do would be to create a daily routine where their kids have time to use their gadgets as well as play outside.

You can further encourage them by setting a good example. If you’re always on your phone, you can try to lessen the time that you have your smartphone with you, to set an example for your child.

You should also join them whenever they’re playing, and try to play with them outdoors, so that they can experience the fresh air and sunlight.

Don’t cut out gadget use entirely, but let your kids know that it’s not a good thing to be glued to their screens all day long.

Monitor the content they consume

It might be easier to just let your kids do whatever they want on their gadgets, or on the internet, but parents need to control what type of content their children consume.

Use parental locks and parenting apps to your advantage so that your child has limited access to the sites they visit on the internet. Encourage them to search for content that helps them learn, not just things that make them laugh or the latest memes.

If possible, try and browse the internet with them. You can act as their guide, and if they encounter anything inappropriate or beyond their understanding, you can easily explain it to them.

Let them visit learning playgrounds

digital play

PlayLab PH encourages both digital and physical play through their fun activities!

Playlab PH, which launched their Robinsons Galleria branch on October 30th, is a great example of how physical and digital play can work hand in hand.

Featuring various attractions such as a Fantasy Slope which changes from an underwater to a space environment, and Fantasy Water Flow which teaches them about physics, PlayLab PH uses technology to encourage kids to explore and be more active.

digital play

The Fantasy Water Flow helps kids learn more about physics in a fun way!

All of their exhibits are interactive, and are sure to spark that lightbulb in your child’s mind. It’s a great way to explore digital technology while still engaging in physical play. So it’s a win-win situation!

Hopefully these tips would help your child become a well-rounded individual that’s both tech savvy and has an active lifestyle!

For those who are interested in having an adventure in PlayLab, the rates are 450 pesos per person, for a 2 hour stay.


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