Dog crushes infant skull in an attempt to comfort the crying child

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The coroner’s report said that the child died after the dog bit his head, piercing the infant’s skull.

Although dogs are dubbed as man’s best friend, and provides many benefits to the household as well as to its members, not all families are suited to have one in their homes.

It can also be dangerous, especially if the dog is not trained and there’s a child in the family.

When a Labrador Shepherd mix caused the death of three-day-old Aidan Grim at the infant’s Valerie Drive home in Ohio, The Mahoning County Dog Warden has held the dog until authorities figure out what to do with it.

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The coroner’s report said that the child died after the dog bit his head, piercing the infant’s skull.

Although the dog showed no signs of aggression, it has been declared a vicious animal.

The dog’s owner, James Grim, recounted the incident which led up to the infant’s death.

“I think the baby was crying, just starting to cry and before my sister could get up and get the baby,” he said. “[The dog] got over there and was going to try and help him and maybe like, pick him up and take him to my sister but he ended up hurting him by accident.”

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Now he plans to appeal the decision declaring his dog as a vicious animal.

“He's the friendliest dog I've ever met; I mean he would never hurt anybody. He always likes getting attention from everyone and loves being petted, loves to give kisses.”

As hard as it is for the mother—James’s sister—to recount the unfortunate incident, she is on the dog’s side.

“It was an accident and it was hard but I'm trying to forgive him for what he did,” said Kristy Grim. “I've been told you have to forgive everyone, so I guess that goes for animal too.”

In order for James to keep the dog Toby, he must be neutered and chipped and muzzled when taken outside. He must also be kept in a kennel equipped with a roof. James must also carry a $100,000 insurance policy.

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